Flag of the Republic of Zambia


Flag of Zambia during its history 

As it’s costumed for nations that experienced colonization Zambia too, has been represented by different flags during its history.  

The National Flag of the Republic of Zambia was adopted on 24 October 1964, The independence day.

Mrs. Gabriel Ellison designed the national flag of Zambia and the coat of arms of Zambia. 

flag of the British south Africa company (1890-1924) 

Since 1890 when Cecil Rhodes founded the British South Africa company, Zambia was part of territories that BSAC ruled upon. BSAC was a British colonial enterprise.

The flag of the company included the National Flag of the United Kingdom and the British South Arica Company’s logo inside a red ring in the center of the flag.

The company’s logo was a golden lion holding an elephant’s tusk. Underneath the lion stood the company’s name; B.S.A.C. 

When the British Empire granted governing the southern Rhodesia and Northern Rhodesia the company’s governing on these territories ended.  

British blue ensign (1924-1953) 

 in 1924, when governing Northern Rhodesia was transferred to British Colonial Office, a defaced British Empire Blue Ensign represented Northern Rhodesia as a British colonial territory. 

A defaced British Blue Ensign was the national flag of the United Kingdom also known as the “Union Jack” in the canton of a blue background and the British colonial territory’s emblem in the fly.

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Northern Rhodesia emblem featured a golden eagle flying on a black and white shield.  

flag of the federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (1953-1963) 

The flag of the federation was a British blue ensign with the federation’s coat of arms in the fly which featured three symbols, each taken from the coat of arms of three nations that formed the federation.

The rising sun for Nyasaland, the red lion for Southern Rhodesia, and the black and white shield for Northern Rhodesia. it was the flag of the federation until 1963 when the federation disbanded. 

British blue ensign (1963-1964) 

After dissolving the federation in 1963, a defaced British blue ensign represented Northern Rhodesia as a British protectorate.  

The national flag of the republic of Zambia (1964-present) 

The National Flag of Zambia is a green background with a rectangular consisting of three vertical stripes in the fly.

The rectangular contains (from left to right): three orange, black and, red strips. On the above of the rectangular flies an orange fish eagle.  

In 1996 the green color changed to a lighter green and it’s the national flag of Zambia to the present day.  

the national flag of Zambia 

Alternative flags of Zambia 

The presidential flag of Zambia 

The presidential flag of Zambia is an orange background with the coat of arms of Zambia in the center.  

Zambia Air Force Ensign 

Zambia Air Force Ensign is a light blue flag with a roundel in the center. The roundel consists of four national colors of Zambia.

Orange color borders the roundel and the disc inside the orang ring is divided into three parts with red, black and, green colors. There is also a white African fish eagle in the ring. 

Air force logo 

Zambian Civil Air Ensign 

Zambian Civil Air Ensign is a light blue flag with a ring made of four national colors of Zambia in the center.

Inside the ring, there is an arrange African fish eagle flying.  

Colors of the flag of Zambia 

Green: the green color represents Zambia’s rich agricultural land and natural resources.  

Red: the red stands for Zambians struggles and sacrifices for independence. 

Black: the black color is a symbol of Zambians ethnicity. Most Zambians are black.  

Orange: the orange color symbolizes the country’s mineral wealth especially copper. Zambia is among the biggest copper producers in the world.  

Orange eagle: the eagle in the national flag of Zambia is an African fish eagle –the national bird of Zambia- which represents Zambians ability to raise above the county’s problems.

The African Fish Eagle also known as the Eagle of Liberty is a symbol of Zambia’s Freedom.  

The colors of the flag of Zambia are based on the flag of the United Nations Independence Party (UNIP) of which Kenneth Kaunda –the first president- was the leader.  

Zambia Flag Color Codes

198a00 - India Green color image previewName: India Green
Hex: #198A00
RGB: (25, 138, 0)
CMYK: 0.818, 0, 1, 0.458
000000 - Black color image previewName: Black
Hex: #000000
RGB: (0, 0, 0)
de2010 - Maximum Red color image previewName: Maximum Red
Hex: #DE2010
RGB: (222, 32, 16)
CMYK: 0, 0.855, 0.927, 0.129
ef7d00 - University Of Tennessee Orange color image previewName: University Of Tennessee Orange
Hex: #EF7D00
RGB: (239, 125, 0)
CMYK: 0, 0.476, 1, 0.062
Zambia Flag Color Codes

Coat of arms of Zambia 

The coat of arms of Zambia was adopted in the independence day, 24 October 1964. It’s based on the coat of arms of British Colonial Northern Rhodesia.  

The coat of arms of Zambia consists of: 

A black and white shield symbolizing the Victoria Falls- one of the world’s wonders-.  

A crossing pick and hoe, above the shield, represent Zambia’s two main economic resources; Mining and agriculture.  

Above the crossing pick and hoe, there is an African fish eagle in flight-like in the national flag- representing the people’s ability to rise above the country’s problems.  

The man and woman holding the black and white shield represent the Zambian family.

The woman is wearing a Zambian traditional dress and the dress of the man was the dress of Zambian workers before independence.  

The man and woman are standing on a green field. On the field, there is a maize cup, a zebra running and, a mine shaft-head representing the rich and fertile land, mineral and industrial wealth and, natural resources. 

In front of the field stands a banner stating the national motto of Zambia: ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION. 

Pictures of Zambia flag

Zambia waving silky flag isolated on white background
Flag of the Republic of Zambia.
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About the republic of Zambia  

Zambia by the official name of the Republic of Zambia is located in south-central Africa.  Zambia is a landlocked country, surrounded by eight neighbors.

A close-up/macro photograph of Zambia from a desktop globe. Adobe RGB color profile.

The northern neighbor of Zambia is the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the northeast, it shares boundaries with Tanzania and, in the east with Malawi.

It has borders in the south by Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and, Namibia. The eastern neighbor of Zambia is Angola.  

Zambia has a tropical climate and three different seasons: a warm-wet, a cool dry, and a hot dry season. 

English is the official language of Zambians and there are about 72 tribal languages. 

Zambia flag_ map



One of the world’s largest waterfalls is Victoria falls by the local name of “Mosi-O- Tunya”– the Smoke that Thunders.

It is located on the Zambezi River.  

Zambezi River is the fourth largest rivers in Africa and Zambia has its name from it. 

Zambezi river forms some part of Zambia borders with its southern neighbors Namibia, Botswana, and all borders of Zimbabwe.  

With most of the population living in developed areas, the wildlife of the country has remained unspoiled and Zambia is home to some extraordinary African mammals and birds. 

A brief history of Zambia  

European Explorers  

In the 19th century one of the most popular explorers of Africa Sr. David Livingstone in his journey to find the source of the Nile River put Zambia on European maps.

British South Africa Company 

Cecil Rhodes -a British mineral explorer and politician- founded the British South Africa Company in 1989. 

BSAC was a mining and colonial enterprise that gained the British Royal Charter to control some territories in South Africa on behalf of the British Empire. 

Rhodes and his company founded the southern African Territory of Rhodesia; it consisted of Zambia and Zimbabwe.   

Northern Rhodesia  

In 1911, North-Eastern Rhodesia and North-Western Rhodesia were merged to make Northern Rhodesia.  

British colonization 

Until 1923, British South Africa Company controlled Northern Rhodesia and in this year the British empire cut Royal Chart for BSAC and the British government transferred control of Northern Rhodesia to British Colonial Office.  


During 1953-1963 northern Rhodesia was a member of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland as British Protectorate of Northern Rhodesia. 

British colonization faced most objections and crises in Northern Rhodesia in the last years of this decade.  


Finally, on 24 October 1964, the Republic of Zambia gained independence from British colonialism.

The first president of the Republic of Zambia was the former prime minister, Kenneth David Kaunda- the leader of the United Nations Independence Party. 

Geographically Location of Zambia


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