Flag of the Commonwealth of Virginia

The Virginia flag was officially formed after the state seceded from the union in 1861 on the eve of the Civil War.

This pale blue flag bears the official seal of the state, which represents the goddess of chastity who holds a spear down and a sword up.

One of The U.S. s 50 country states

He stands on a man who is a symbol of oppression and the touch of his kingdom has fallen on his side.

In addition to the state name, the Latin-themed state slogan “This is what we always do with oppressors” is also emblazoned on the Virginia flag.


In May 1776 the colony of Virginia declared its independence from Britain. On July 1, 1776, a four-member committee establish a proper seal for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

These four members were George Mason, Richard Henry Lee, George White and Robert Carter Nicholas.

Four days later, the committee’s report read out and George Mason submitted it to the Virginia government.

It was voted on and approved on the same day. It is not clear which committee members are primarily responsible for designing the seal, but it is generally believed that it is primarily the work of George Weight.

The makers of the seal did not want a design that was in any way similar to the style used in Britain.

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Due to the strong admiration of Virginia leaders for the Roman Republic, the design of the new seal is from ancient Roman mythology. They chose a two-sided design, as shown above.

By 1912, many types of seals released, confusing the real seals. So Virginia decided to standardize the seal design to avoid confusion.

The meaning of the flag

The flag of Virginia has aside in front of the state seal. This is the official seal on all government official papers.

This seal of the virtue of the Roman virtuoso depicts a symbol of peace.
This figure has a long spear and a sword of authority that is sheathed. It is presented in a way that represents victory.

There are several symbols that represent the freedom of Virginia. Under the foot of Virtus is tyranny. This represents the defeat of the state from England.

The crown on the ground represents Virginia’s liberation from British control. The broken chain in the hands of tyranny represents Virginia’s freedom from controlling British expansion and trade.

Tyranny, on the other hand, is considered a useless whipping, which indicates the government’s freedom from imposition of punishment by Britain.

The seal also has the slogan “Sic semper turannis” which means “therefore always for tyranny.”

Flag colors

Several colors are used in the design of the flag of the state of Virginia. However, the main color is blue – or azure – that forms the background.
Opposite the government seal is prominently displayed in the center of the flag.

This seal contains many colors including red, yellow, light blue, and purple.

Virginia State (USA) Flag Color Codes

00297b - Catalina Blue color image previewName: Catalina Blue
Hex: #00297B
RGB: (0, 41, 123)
CMYK: 1, 0.666, 0, 0.517
ff350f - Electric Orange color image previewName: Electric Orange
Hex: #FF350F
RGB: (255, 53, 15)
CMYK: 0, 0.792, 0.941, 0
ffffff - White color image previewName: White
RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0
97c8f0 - Cornflower color image previewName: Cornflower
Hex: #97C8F0
RGB: (151, 200, 240)
CMYK: 0.370, 0.166, 0, 0.058
3f863f - May Green color image previewName: May Green
Hex: #3F863F
RGB: (63, 134, 63)
CMYK: 0.529, 0, 0.529, 0.474
a039a8 - Purpureus color image previewName: Purpureus
Hex: #A039A8
RGB: (160, 57, 168)
CMYK: 0.047, 0.660, 0, 0.341
Virginia State (USA) Flag Color Codes

The seal of Virginia

The Virginia Commonwealth seal consists of two metal discs two and a quarter inches in diameter with a quarter-inch-wide decorative border with words and figures engraved on them.

If used, the impressions are as follows:
Opposite, Virtus, the Commonwealth genius, the Amazon costume, while sitting on a spear in his right hand, pointed down and touched the ground. In his left hand he takes a sheath or parasonium sword and points it upwards.

His head was straight and his face was upward. His left foot was in the shape of a tyrant, represented by a prostrated body of a man.

It was his left hand and there was a pest on his right.
Above the group and at the corresponding border is the word “Virginia,” and below, on a curved line, is the slogan, “Sic Semper Tyrannis”.

In the back, there is a group of libertas holding a crutch in their right hand. To his right, Aeternitas, with a globe and a phoenix in his right.

On the left of Libertas, Ceres, with a cornea in his left hand, and an ear of wheat on his right; On this device, in a curved line, the word “Perseverando”.

Pictures of Virginia flag

State Capitol Richmond Virginia On A Summer Day
Flag of the Virginia painted on a brick wall.
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About the Commonwealth of Virginia

Virginia is a state located in the South Atlantic region of the United States.
Virginia is known by the nicknames “Old Kingdom” and “Mother of Presidents” because it was the first and oldest kingdom of the United Kingdom and the birthplace of most American presidents.

The state’s geography and climate influenced by the Boulder Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay, which have created the state’s flora and fauna.

Red Thumbtack Over Virginia State USA Map. 3D rendering

Its capital is Richmond, Virginia, and its most populous city in Virginia Beach.

The city of Fairfax is also one of its most populous political divisions.


The name “Virginia” is from the name of Queen Elizabeth I of England, who did not marry for the rest of her life and remained a virgin.

Virginia is one of thirteen colonies that rebelled against British rule during the American Revolution.

The flag and emblem of the state of Virginia show a brave woman in a gladiator costume who defeated a bearded man and put her foot on the man’s chest while the man’s crown fell off his head.

In this symbol, the woman, who is a gladiator in tension and holds a spear and a sword in her hand, is a symbol of the republic and the political system of the republic, and the crowned man is a symbol of the monarchy.

Her defeat of Nirvand’s wife is a sign of the defeat of the British monarchy from the United States and its independence-seeking people.


The majority of Virginia’s population is white, whose ancestors migrated from northern Europe.

One-fifth of the state’s population is black, and a significant population of Latin American and Asian-American immigrants also live in the state.


As of 2010, 85.9% (6,299,127) of Virginia residents aged five and older speak English at home as their first language, while 14.1% (1,036,442) do not speak – 6.4% (470,058) Spanish, 0.8% (56,518) Korean, 0.6% (45,881) Vietnamese, 0.6% (42,418) Chinese (including Mandarin) and 0.6% (40,724) Tagalog.
English was enacted by the Statute in 1981 and again in 1996 as an official language of the Commonwealth, although it is not required by the Virginia Constitution.

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The Piedmont region is known for its strong influence on South American English. While more homogeneous American English is found in urban areas, a variety of dialects are used, including the Tidewater dialect, the Old Virginia dialect, and the infinite Elizabeth Tangier.


Virginia has 42,774.2 square miles area, which includes 3,8080.13 square miles (8,236.5 square kilometers) of water and is the 35th largest state by area.
Virginia is bordered to the north and east by Maryland and Washington, DC. With the Atlantic Ocean to the east; By North Carolina in the South; By Tennessee to the southwest by Kentucky to the west; And by West Virginia in the North and West.

Virginia borders Maryland and Washington, DC, to the low watermark on the south bank of the Potomac River.
The state’s southern boundary is defined as latitude 36 degrees and 30 minutes north, although a surveyor’s error in the 1700s led to a deviation of three local arcs.

From 1802 to 1803, a commission appointed by Virginia and Tennessee surveyed the area and demarcated their boundaries as a line from White Top to Cumberland.

Errors discovered in 1856 prompted Virginia to propose a new commission of inquiry in 1871, but in 1893 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Line 1803 in the Virginia case against Tennessee.
One result is the division of Bristol between the two states.

Geographically location of Virginia

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