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The Ukrainian flag is a simple design consisting of two equal bands, blue and yellow. The first is above while the second is below. Also, these are the two official colors of the flag, which are determined by Ukrainian law. These colors are based on the 12th-century flag of the Kingdom of Galicia – Velanya.

These two colors have been used on the national flag of Ukraine since 1848 and in 1918 it was officially approved for the national flag. D

uring the period when Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, the flag was declared illegal and was not revived until 1991, although temporarily On January 28, 1992, the Ukrainian parliament officially restored the yellow-blue flag.


Thousands of years before the founding of Ukraine, the region was known as Kievan Rus, and both Ukraine and Russia have their roots in the country. Saturn began in the 10th century along the Dnieper coast.

Although there is no historical record of the flag for this country, a triple head was used as a symbol for the nation.

The first known Ukrainian flag was the flag of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which was established in 1587, after the unification of the Kingdom of Poland with a large Latvian shower.

From 1772, the flag of the Habsburg monarchy was raised because the territory was under Austrian rule.

It was a horizontal black and yellow striped flag in two colors. In 1848, revolutionaries fighting for independence in the western part of the country created a new flag consisting of a horizontal striped flag in two colors, blue and yellow.

These colors were based on the emblems used by the city of Luvio and included a golden lion on a blue shield. This revolution was short-lived with the Soviet invasion of the country in 1919.

Ukraine became the Soviet Socialist Republic of Ukraine under the Soviet flag. The flag consisted of a red background with the golden initials Y.C.C.P in the upper left corner. The flag was changed at least three times during the Soviet era.

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For example, from 1937 to 1949, a golden hammer and sickle were placed over the letters of the Y.C.C.P. Later, in 1949, the country was deployed on a flag with a red section and a horizontal blue stripe at the bottom.

On the red area, there was a golden sickle that had passed over the sickle and hammer with a hammer and a five-pointed golden star. The flag was used from 1949 to 1991 when Ukraine’s SSR joined the United Nations.

In addition, when Ukraine gained independence on August 24, 1991, many fought to preserve the communist flag. However, the anti-communist rallies were successful, and the modern flag was officially adopted on January 28, 1992.

However, in the late 1918s, the decision was made to reverse the stripes of the 1848 flag. The decision states that the blue horizontal line should appear above the yellow horizontal bar as a symbol of the “blue sky above the golden wheat fields.”

This plan was maintained after independence. Nowadays, it is very common to find a flag that hangs vertically on public buildings.


The Ukrainian flag is one of the simplest national flags in the world. It has only two strips and the flag symbol is in the colors selected for these strips. The colors blue and yellow have both played a significant role in the history of this nation.

These colors were prominently used during the country’s war for independence. The blue color is designed to show peace as well as the sky above the nation and the streams across the country.

Yellow symbolizes prosperity and also represents the many wheat fields found throughout the country.


Ukraine is popularly known as the “breadbasket” of the region. As a result, the formal meanings of colors are:

  • Blue represents the sky, Ukrainian streams, and mountains.
  • Yellow symbolizes wheat

In addition, blue symbolizes peace, while yellow represents prosperity. On the other hand, the unofficial interpretation of the flag links the yellow bar to the original state, Saturn the Russian.

In addition, the colors blue and gold symbolize Christianity because they represent God’s sovereignty over the earth. Although Christianity in the region was disrupted by the Mongol invasion in 1200, the same colors have since been used to decorate churches and city crowns.

For example, the emblem of the city of Mower Horud was a trio of gold on a blue background. In addition, Cossack banners, in the seventeenth century, consisted of a blue background with gold stars, a gold cross, or an image of a saint in gold.

Ukraine Flag Color Codes

005bbb - Sapphire color image previewName: Sapphire
Hex: #005BBB
RGB: (0, 91, 187)
CMYK: 1, 0.513, 0, 0.266

ffd500 - Cyber Yellow color image preview
Name: Cyber Yellow
Hex: #FFD500
RGB: (255, 213, 0)
CMYK: 0, 0.164, 1, 0
Ukraine Flag Color Codes

Flag facts

  • Ukrainian Flag Day will be held on August 23.
  • It is forbidden to fly Soviet flags and symbols unless they are in cemeteries.
  • Although most flags are horizontal, some public buildings fly vertical flags. Flags raised vertically must have a blue band on the left.
  • The Ukrainian flag can be decorated with a gold border on its perimeter as long as it does not destroy the flag.

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About Ukraine

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. The country is bordered by Russia to the east; In the north with Belarus. To the west by Poland, Slovakia and Hungary; It is bordered to the southwest by Romania and Moldova, to the south by the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov, with Kyiv as its capital and Ukrainian as its official language.

Map of Ukraine.

The type of government of Ukraine is a republic, which consists of 24 provinces and has an autonomous part (Crimea). More precisely, Ukraine has a centralized government and a semi-autonomous system.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has the largest army in Europe after Russia. Ukrainian is the official language of the country and Russian is widely used.


Human habitation in Ukraine dates back to the years before Christ. With the outbreak of World War II, Ukraine was occupied by Germany from 1941 to 1944.

On August 23, 1991, Ukraine publicly declared its independence. Keep in mind that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Ukrainian economy moved towards private property and free markets.

This process is generally a great option for Ukrainian families. Ukraine’s economy has been in a state of misery at certain times. 1994 was a year of change for Ukraine.

This year saw the collapse of Ukraine as the people went to the polls to vote for Ukraine’s second president.

Keep in mind that in general in the western half of Ukraine a lot of action was taken. In 2004, the country’s prime minister created another atmosphere called the Orange Revolution.


The currency of Ukraine is the Grivna. The country’s economy has generally improved compared to previous years. Most public and private stores in Ukraine, as well as hotels and airports in Ukraine, have official currency exchange offices.

This trend causes the exchange rate to rise in this country. It is generally the second-largest economy in the Soviet Union, and this can be seen in the industrial as well as agricultural fields.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the country’s economic system shifted to a market economy.

This trend led to the impoverishment of large parts of the country. The Ukrainian government tried to provide special conditions and, in general, difficulties in the daily life of the average person. A lot was seen.

The Ukrainian government has tried to increase its investment in agriculture. It is worth noting that Ukraine has grown well in the field of food products, so the situation in this country in terms of income generation has grown well.

Keep in mind that in general, the amount of foreign investment in Ukraine has different categories, so that today the country has entered into large economic exports with the United States, Cyprus, and the Netherlands. Ukraine’s economy has grown by 56 percent over the past ten years.

This figure shows that the country has been able to provide a good financial turnover in the economic field. To provide a good ranking for itself, so that in recent years, the highest profit is seen in the sale of auto parts in this country.


In Ukraine, there are very deep scientific and industrial structures, thus the social atmosphere of the people is routinely affected. Ukraine is at the bottom of the list of Eastern European countries, but in general its people are excellent in terms of culture.

The language of the people of Ukraine is very similar to Russian, but the words used in this country are mostly derived from Polish. Keep in mind that in this country the grammar is very similar to Russian and of course English. The alphabet of this country is very similar to Cyrillic Russian.

The people of this country are mostly Christians and of course, the religions of Pope Rome, Patrick Byzantium, and Orthodox are also seen. In general, about 96% are Christians, only 7% are Muslims, 6% are Jews, and 5.2% are other religions. Also, they are very kind.

There is no news of racism in this country. It has even been seen many times that the Virgin Mary of Ukraine is kinder to foreign immigrants. In this country, everyone is free to have their own religion. They can use more worn clothes in public

The people of Ukraine are fugitives from lies. It is better to be honest in this country. The people of Ukraine do not have much fun, and of course hard work is seen in the normal situation in this country, they are generally moderate in everything.

Keep in mind that living conditions in this country are such that people can afford their living expenses. The people of this country are paying more attention to education in recent years than before.

The people of Ukraine respect older people and believe that respect is a very important part of life. In this country, no one has the right to disrespect.


Ukraine has a population of about 44.83 million, located in Eastern Europe. It has borders with Russia. The Maldives, Romania, and Hungary also have land borders with Ukraine.

It also shares maritime borders with Russia, Georgia, and Bulgaria. Ukraine covers an area of ​​603,628 km2, 7% of which is the coastline, and is the second-largest country in Europe.

Ukraine has flatlands and fertile plains. It flows through the Sorsky and Demister rivers.

Keep in mind that this country has many small peninsulas. In general, Ukraine has a large border with Romania. Keep in mind that the mountains of this country also include part of the Carpathian Mountains.

Ukraine in general has many rivers, the most important of which are the Bog and the Dnieper. The Dnieper is the source of the mountains of Russia and Belarus. The country generally has cold winters.

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Ukraine’s climate is generally temperate continental. It is located on the southern coast of Crimea and has a Mediterranean climate. There is a lot of rain in different parts of Ukraine.

In this country, the highest rainfall is in the northern and western parts. Also, the eastern and southeastern parts have the highest annual rainfall. Annual rainfall in the western part of the country is about 1200 mm.

The weather in Ukraine is cold in the northern part and temperate in the southern part, so that it can be seen in the city of Kiev, which is between 2 and 3 months of the icy year.

In this country, the temperature is 30 degrees below zero. The average temperature in January in Ukraine was negative 6 degrees and in July it was around 20 degrees Celsius. In the southern parts of Ukraine, the temperature is at 4 degrees. Ukraine is in a good climate.

Geographically location of Ukraine

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