Flag of the kingdom of Thailand


The flag of the kingdom of Thailand is a five stripes horizontal flag. The stripes order in the flag of the kingdom of Thailand is as follows:

red, white, blue, white, and red. The middle blue stripes are twice as big as the four other stripes are.

Since Thailand was one of the few Asian countries that have not been colonized by European empires, it maintained a close relationship with European countries.

In World War I, Thailand became one of the allies members. To celebrate the friendship, in November 1916, King Rama VI changed the flag of the kingdom of Thailand to a flag with two white stripes and red background.

The two white stripes replaced the white elephant of the previous version of the flag. One year later, in September 1917, a blue stripe was added in the middle of two other white stripes.

With the addition of the middle blue stripe, the flag consisted of the liberty colors used by other allies such as France, the United States, Britain, and Russia.

The day the current national flag was adopted is the national Flag Day in Thailand for the celebration of the flag of the kingdom of Thailand. 

In the flag of the kingdom of Thailand, the red color stands for the land and the people of Thailand.

The white color stands for the religious law and the purity of Buddhism. Likewise, blue stands for the institution of royalty, and also it is an auspicious color of King Rama VI. 

History of the flag Thailand 

The first time Thailandian used a plain red flag as the flag of Siam (the previous name of Thailand) was under the role of King Narai the Great between the years of 1656–1688. Since a red plain flag was not distinct enough in the international context, the flag was changed.

 Mongkut (Rama IV) officially adopted the first flag of the kingdom of Thailand. The changed he brought to the flag was that he added a white elephant to the red plain background. 

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The flag of the kingdom of Thailand has undergone so many changes over the time from 1680 to 1917. First, it was a red plain flag, then changed to a red flag with a white chakra (wheel), a symbol of the ruling Chakri (Chakkri) dynasty.

Later, they add a white elephant inside the white chakra and the white elephant to the red background.

The next changed was that the white elephant wore royal regalia. Before the final change to the flag of the kingdom of Thailand, its flag was a red rectangular flag with two with stripes. 

Thailand Flag Color Codes

A51931 - Vivid Burgundy color image previewName: Vivid Burgundy
Hex: #A51931
RGB: (165, 25, 49)
CMYK: 0, 0.848, 0.703, 0.352
2D2A4A - Space Cadet color image previewName: Space Cadet
Hex: #2D2A4A
RGB: (45, 42, 74)
CMYK: 0.391, 0.432, 0, 0.709
F4F5F8 - Cultured color image previewName: Cultured
Hex: #F4F5F8
RGB: (244, 245, 248)
CMYK: 0.016, 0.012, 0, 0.027
Thailand Flag Color Codes

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About the kingdom of Thailand 

The kingdom of Thailand is located in the southeast of Asia. Countries that exist around Thailand are Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Malaysia. It also shares a maritime border with India, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Thailand is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. This country is consists of 76 provinces.

Thailand’s population is 66 million and it ranks the 22nd most populous country in the world. Bangkok is its capital and also the biggest city in the entire country.   

George Cœdès writes that Thai means freemen in Thai language. To distinct Thai people from other natives of Thai society who were serfs, this name was used for Thai people.

Also, there is another investigation about Thai, and that indicates that the word Thai used as a Khon word in the Thai language for people, especially in rural areas. 

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Politics and government in Thailand 

1932 was a very important point in the history of Thailand. Before this year, the system of government in this country was an absolute monarchy and the kings were absolute monarchs.

In 1932, the absolute monarch changed to a constitutional monarch. 

The last constitutional law adopted in Thailand was in 2017 and including this last one, Thailand has experienced 20 constitutions and charters.

Different government system has ruled over Thailand including military dictatorship and electoral democracy. Thailand is the country that stands in the fourth of having experienced the most coups in the world. 

Vajiralongkorn (or Rama X) is the current king in Thailand who has been on the throne since 2016. 

The government in the constitutional Monarchy of Thailand consists of three branches: 

Legislative branch: 

The national assembly in Thailand is composed of Senate and House of Representatives with 150 and 350 members respectively. 

Executive Branch:

In Thailand, the prime minister is the head of the government. National assembly elects the prime minister.

The judiciary branch: 

Judiciary is the independent branch from legislative and executive branch 

From 1992 to 2016, Thailand had a two-party system but the late constitutional law created a multiple party system in the country. 

Administrative divisions 

The administrative services of the executive branch of the government of the unitary state of Thailand are divided into 76 provinces. Each province is composed of districts and sub-districts.

The governors of provinces and chiefs of sub-districts are assigned by the central government. 

Economy in Thailand 

Thailand is considered to be the newly industrialized country, one of the emerging economy and this country is the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia after Indonesia.

Thailand’s economy is heavily dependent on export. Exports account for two-thirds of gross domestic product (GDP) in this country.  Annual exports of Thailand worth over $105 billion and its major exports include cars, electrical appliances, computers, footwear, textile, fishery products, rubber, and jewelry. 

Geographically location of Thailand

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