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The flag of a Pacific state, Tonga flag is one of the oldest flags, dating back to 1863. Due to its excessive resemblance to the Red Cross flag, it changed slightly in 1863.

The current flag is red and has a rectangle in the upper left corner. In the white rectangle is a rectangular cross of red insulation.

The cross symbolizes the Christian faith of the Tongan people and the red color stands for the blood of Jesus Christ.

Until 1970, Tung was under British rule, and then the archipelago became a member of the Commonwealth.

Currently, Tanga mainly benefits from tourism development and cooperation in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

History of the Tonga Flag

The first Tongan national flag was adopted for some time in the 1840s under King George Topo I. He dreamed of designing a new Tongan flag, which mostly represented Christianity.

He worked with Shirley Waldemar Baker, a member of the British Tung mission to create the new flag. This, as well as a new costume and national anthem for Tonga.

The flag had a white square with a red or blue cross in all four corners.

In addition, the letters “A” and “M” were red and blue in the center of the flag, respectively, symbolizing the king.

However, they used this flag only briefly. The king soon helped British missionary Shirley Waldemar Baker to design the new national flag. Shirley Waldemar Baker later became the Prime Minister of Tonga.

The king wanted a flag to represent Christianity, and the new flag was similar to the British Red Plan. Three-quarters of the flag was red, while the top corner of the flagpole indicated a separate canton.

The Tonga flag has a red square with a white section in the upper left corner with a red fried cross.

The width to length ratio of the Tonga flag is 1: 2. The national flag of Tonga, has different flags for the army, navy, and a royal standard for its sovereignty.

Tonga flag design

The current Tonga flag has a red square with a white rectangle in the upper corner of the lift. The white rectangle includes a red Greek cross in the center.

Symbolism of the Tonga flag

Christianity is the predominant religion in Tonga and is practiced by approximately 97% of the population.

Therefore, the colors and symbols highlighted in the Tongan flag have a religious symbolism. The color red represents the religion and sacrifice of the blood of Christ shed at the time of his crucifixion. White indicates purity.

Tonga coat of Arms

The Tonga coat was adopted in 1875 and has a large shield divided into four quarters.

The  Tonga crown is sowed in the upper right quarter, the upper left contains three stars, a dove on the lower left has an olive branch, and the lower right has three crossed swords.

Each of these is an important element for Tonga:

the dove and the olive branch to wish for God’s peace (from the story of Noah and the Great Flood), the three stars representing the main groups of Tonga, the crown for the ruling kingdom, and the swords representing the three dynasties of kings. (Toshi Tonga, Toshi Hachatakalua and the current Toshi Konokopolo).

Tonga’s motto “Ko e ʻOtua mo Tonga ko hoku Tofiʻa” (“God and Tonga are my heritage”) is displayed on a ribbon  on the below the shield, , and the crown is the Tonga royal crown supported by olive branches.

Tonga Flag Color Codes

ffffff - White color image previewName: White
RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0
c10000 - UE Red color image previewName: UE Red
Hex: #C10000
RGB: (193, 0, 0)
CMYK: 0, 1, 1, 0.243
Tonga Flag Color Codes

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About the Kingdom of Tonga

The Kingdom of Tonga is located in the waters of the Pacific Ocean and is a collection of 170 islands. Located near Samoa, New Zealand, and Hawaii, it is the only kingdom in the ocean region.

It was once a British-backed country and gained its independence in 1970. Its climate is tropical and the soil of many of its islands is covered with rainforests. Volcanic mountains are also found in it.

History of Tonga

There are many points in the history of Tonga. But what is very clear is that Tonga has been under British protection since 1900.

This issue covers the historical conditions of this country. Of course, the historical atmosphere of Tonga has been marked by certain changes over time.

The country declared its independence on June 4, 1970, and on the official holiday of the country, the 4th of July, the national day of Tonga, the birthday of the king of this country, which has maintained its special conditions.

It is clear that the history of life in Tonga is more advanced than before, and those who like to evaluate this historical route must include the right conditions.

The historical situation in this country depends on the principles of the monarchy.

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People in this country have appreciated certain changes.

Of course, political borders in this country have also entered history and have become very troublesome, but the history of Tonga is more tied to the British people.

Background with flag of Tonga

The people of this country are always indexing their lives in order to move forward in a modern way and to try to improve the situation historically.

The history of this country depends on the latest economic policies and the future forecasts of this country are the production of raw materials to the level of self-sufficiency. The history of Tonga can have special conditions.

Tongan culture

Ninety-nine percent of the Tongan people are from the Polynesian tribes, and of course some of them are from the Tongan government.

The remaining one percent is the share of Europeans. About 41 percent of the country’s religion is Methodist, 15 percent is Catholic, and about 13 percent is Moronite.

 There are a number of official languages in the culture of this country, but the language of Tonga is mostly English and Tongan.

This official language has become part of the broader culture of life in recent years. The people of this country follow their lives in the field of work and continuous efforts.

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People have a principled work culture and try to follow the same culture. Children are an important part of life and create the right cultural principles.

The culture of life in Tonga I moving more towards modernity in the urban areas, but there is the traditional atmosphere still in the rural areas.

The hijab of Tonga is also worn to some extent, but people are also interested in beautiful parliamentary clothes.

The culture of the British people is more similar to that of the British people and good cultural growth has been reported.

Tongan people

The population of this country is about 119 thousand people with an average age of 22 years. Life expectancy is 73 years for women and 68 years for men.

The official languages in this country are Tongan and English. The religion of its people is Christian

Geography of Tonga

Tonga is a country in the Pacific Ocean located in the southern part of Samoa and of course in the eastern part of Fiji.

The country generally covers large parts of Polynesia. Tonga is about a third of New Zealand’s way to Hawaii. If you look closely, Tonga is the only kingdom in the Pacific.

There are more than 170 island complexes in this country and it includes pristine and untouched charms.

There are many adventurous conditions and many tourists exploring the country of Tonga.

The Kingdom of Tonga is located 15 degrees south latitude and 173 degrees west longitude. The territory of Tonga is about 748 square kilometers and has a population of 108,000. Tonga consists of 150 islands.

Happa is one of the most important islands in Tonga, which includes friendly islands. The word Tonga is a native word and is generally considered a real land in the south.

The country is made up of large volcanic groups.

The country located in a specific maritime region and the land area of Tonga is about 699 square kilometers.

Tonga has three distinct states, the first being Tonga Tapu, which has coral origins in the southernmost part of the country. The second region of Wawao or the northern islands is associated with volcanic origin.

Haipai located between the above two groups and some of its islands have been assessed to have volcanic space.

Geographically location of Tonga

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