Flag of Qatar

The national Qatar flag with the white series band, which has 9 points, is Maroon. It accepted the flag shortly before declaring independence from Britain in 1971.

This flag may be confused with the Bahraini flag, but the Bahraini flag has 5 points and is red instead of Maroon. The Qatar flag is the only flag that is twice as wide as it is high.

Execution, as mentioned in this flag, is a symbol of dignity and unity for the people of Qatar.

History of the Qatar flag

Al Adam (Ladam) is a symbol of dark red. This color is the banner of the founder, Sheikh Jassim bin Muhammad bin Thani. The origins of the Qatari flag go back to the early Bronze Age settlers, who produced a factory that produces red-purple dyes from certain species of oysters in the Ben Ghanem Islands, near the Khor Islands.

After exposure to the sun, this purple color changes to a marine color. This dye was exported to other countries and was used to make ceremonial and ceremonial clothes for kings, emperors, and other kings.

Before 1851, each Qatari tribe had a flag that called itself. They used them for celebrations and fights.

However, in 1851, Sheikh Jassim bin Thani sought to unite all the tribes under one flag. The founder of modern Qatar decided to accept the purple flag.

The Anglo-Qatari Conservation Treaty in 1916 declared Qatar as the 9th member under the British Trucial System.

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In accordance with this treaty, Britain decided that Qatar needed the flag in 1932. They offered the red flag with 9 points to make Qatar the 9th member.

Qatar refused the color red and decided to display the sea flag as a symbol of the pride of its history.

They retained nine points and added maroon-colored diamonds to add any points. The name of the diameter was written in white on the background.

In 1960, Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah Al Thani, the then ruler, made changes to the flag. He retained the color of the maroon and the toothed spots. He got rid of the word Qatar and diamonds. It has been the official flag of Qatar ever since.

In 1971, British support ceased and Qatar joined the United Nations. The white sea flag of Qatar was raised and became the national flag.

In commemoration of the sixth national day of Qatar in 2012, His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Emir of Qatar, changed the flag to 1851 light navy instead of dark.

This change was in order to preserve and continue the ancient heritage of Qatar.


The sea color is a symbol of Qatari culture, history, and heritage. It also distinguishes it from the Bahraini flag, which is red. 

The Qatari government defined the exact shade of maroon on the flag as the Pantone 1955C.

In 2015, Qatar is known as the first producer of oyster dye, which is produced in a factory located in the Al-Khor Islands.

During the reign of Muhammad ibn Thani from 1847 to 1876, he combined the state flag with purple-red. In 1932, Britain proposed a change from purple to white and red.

Qatari Flag, Qatar National Colors Background <>

But he rejected the red diameter. They decided to choose purple, red and white.

The subtropical desert climate of the country has stained the purple color due to the heat of the sun and changed it to Maroon.

These changes led to the government’s acceptance of marine colors in 1949. White is a symbol of peace.

Qatar Flag Color Codes

ffffff - White color image previewName: White
RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0
8d1b3d - Violet-Red color image previewName: Violet-Red
Hex: #8D1B3D
RGB: (141, 27, 61)
CMYK: 0, 0.808, 0.567, 0.447
Qatar Flag Color Codes

The shape

The Qatar flag has 9 ribbed edges that separate the white and Maroon pants. They symbolize the arrival of Qatar as the 9th member of the Persian Gulf UAE Reconciliation Treaty, which concluded the Qatar-Britain Treaty in 1916.

This flag is in the ratio 11:28, where its width is twice the height.

Interesting facts

In 2013, Qatar broke the record for creating the world’s largest flag during its National Day celebrations. The sea and white flag with the size of 14 football fields, has an area of 101,978 square meters.

The flag has weight most  9.8 tons and was in Doha. They sewed the flag using materials that could have three planes. After National Day, the government recycled the material in 200,000 seats given to children in 60 countries.

The Qatari flag tells the story of the land and people of Qatar from the past to the present. It addresses the rich culture and heritage, while expressing the aspirations of the vibrant Qatari community for the future.

Pictures of Qatar flag

Qatar National flag flying high during the summer time in Al Bidda Park park
Qatari Flag, Qatar National Colors Background <>
flag of Qatar 3d-illustration
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About Qatar

Qatar is located in the southwest of Asia and in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, in the Middle East and in the southern part of the Persian Gulf.

Qatar is a smaller peninsula on the Arabian Peninsula, bordered by the Persian Gulf to the west, north and east. Its capital is Doha.

The flag of Qatar pinned on the map. Horizontal orientation. Macro photography.

Qatar shares a land border with Saudi Arabia and a sea border with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.


Qatar is one of the several newly established emirates on the Arabian Peninsula. The Qatari region has long been part of the region under its rule (especially during the Sassanid era).

In many ancient periods, the entire southern shore of the Persian Gulf was part of Roeder and was ruled by Satraps

At that time, many emirates in the region were attracted to Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates, but Qatar stayed out of the process.

Qatar was part of the Ottoman Empire from 1872 to 1914. The ruler of the sheikhdom signed treaties with Britain in 1916 and 1934.

Qatar did not gain full independence until 1971. It joined the coalition against Saddam Hussein in Iraq during the Second Gulf War (1991).

Qatar, with a population of 2,314,000 and an area of 11.347 square kilometers, is one of the countries on the southern shores of the Persian Gulf, which has a special geopolitical importance due to its geographical location.

Part of the west coast and southern border of the country is connected to the coasts of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and its east is located along the coast and border of the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

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From the point of view of Qataris and according to the objects obtained such as inscriptions and engraved stones and pottery specimens discovered as a result of excavation and archeological operations in Qatar, the history of early settlement in this country even dates back to 4 centuries BC. .

The first famous inhabitants of this land and the old generations of the people of Qatar today are Arabs.

Qatar was under the rule of the Abbasid caliphs and then the Ottoman Empire for centuries, until after the First World War and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the rule of the Turks in this land ended.

People of Qatar

According to statistics provided in 2017, the population of Qatar is 2.639 million people. According to statistics, the country’s population has increased by 6% compared to 2016.

The noteworthy point in this regard is that the population of Qatari men is more than the women of this country. And in this country, there are two men for every woman. His life expectancy in Qatar is 78.7 years.


Given that most of Qatar’s population are foreign nationals, the country has different nationalities.

According to the ethnic composition statistics in Qatar are as follows:

Arabs: 40 %

Pakistanis: 18%

Indians: 18%

Iranians: 10%

Other: 14%


95% of Qatar’s population is Muslim. Recently, Friday prayer sermons in English have been delivered in some mosques in Doha.

The first Catholic church was recently inaugurated in Doha for Catholic Christians, mostly from India, the Philippines, and the West, and plans to build seven more churches are under consideration.


The official and national language of Qatar is Arabic. And English is also known as a second language.


The Qatar Peninsula extends from northeastern Saudi Arabia into the Persian Gulf. The soil of this country is flat, and consists of a dry desert.

The cities of Qatar are Vakra, Khor, Dukhan, Zabara, North, Masiaid, Ras Laffan.

A new city called Lucille and an island town called Pearl of Qatar are also under construction in the country.

Qatar’s climate is desert. The country has a cool winter. In winter, the Sudanese air masses bring torrential rains that cause damage. But summer has a sultry and hot weather.

Geographically location of Qatar

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