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The original Polyamorous flag was designed by Jim Evans in 1995. The blue bar means openness and honesty among all partners. The red bar stands for love and affection. This black bar shows solidarity with those who have to hide their multi-lingual relationships from the outside world.

At its center is the Greek letter π (pi), which was originally chosen because the mathematical constant π is an irrational number that has an infinite number of decimals, a game about multifaceted people “having infinite love”. Another use of π was as a hidden horn, a symbol whose meaning is not understood by non-plural people, allowing heterosexual people to recognize each other without risking their non-traditional lifestyle.


As time went on and it peaked in the summer of 2020, the flag was recognized by many in the multilateral community as undesirable. Their reasons included contrasting colors and the pi symbol and the symbolism of the black bar.

Due to this dissatisfaction with the main flag, various options were proposed. In many of these options, the infinite heart has been a recurring symbol, much larger than pi (π).

Proudly made of modern polyamory flags that are accessible and all-encompassing.

Polyamorous flag symbol

While the rainbow flag is a well-known symbol of gay pride, there are more flags to celebrate gender diversity, gender and relationship dynamics.

The original Polyamorous flag was designed by Jim Evans in 1995. The blue bar means openness and honesty among all partners, and the red bar means to love and affection.

This black bar shows solidarity with those who have to hide their multi-lingual relationships from the outside world.

The Polyamorous Flag was designed by Jim Evans in 1995 (Image: Getty). At its center is the Greek letter π (pi), which was originally chosen because it is an irrational number with an infinite number of decimals. ‘Infinite love polygons’. The symbol π is sometimes replaced by a heart with an infinite symbol in the middle, also fits the theme of “infinite love”

Some flags move closer to the original version, making changes such as dimming or color saturation to reduce eye strain. A design from 2020 by the famous artist Y.M. He called on the multicultural community to maintain the well-known nature of the 1995 flag while giving it greater access.

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This flag retains the original design with changing colors, has three stripes of blue, deep red, and black. In the center bar is the symbol of the infinite heart with gold. Y.M. He stated that they have discussed the issues of the main flag with many multilateral people and presented their concept digitally.

They also said that they are very passionate about using the heart and make it a unique flag symbol and representative of the community. Maintaining trust, enthusiasm, and solidarity with the multi-faceted people of the main flag, while distancing themselves from its problematic nature, is another element of this flag.

Other flags deviate significantly from the 1995 design. An example of such a flag is the Flag of Pride, created by Molly W on August 11, 2020. This flag consists of four strips that are equal in height. The colors of this flag include lime green for growth, general green for balance, sky blue for freedom, and royal blue for trust.

The infinite heart represents the concept of infinite love. This flag is intended to include all eater, including those who may have identities that intersect with polyamorous. Includes people who are a special person, a special person, or a homosexual. The program also includes relationship anarchists, single polygamists, singles who are situationally homosexual, and people who practice solitary polymorphous.

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Another well-changed Polyamorous flag was invented by several well-known users on November 19, 2020. Pink stands for sacrifice, bright red for romance and love, dark red for love, orange for trust, yellow for gold stands for loyalty, light yellow stands for pervasiveness, blue shades from the darkest to brightest positions of freedom, compassion, chaos, and Role is roles, sacrifice, assertiveness, and ultimately free thinking.

It is a symbol of a knight that is a symbol of passionate loyalty to your partners.

Another polymorphic flag was created by FANDOM Unfunny person420 in 2020. Pink represents love, sex, or any other type of relationship, such as the Platonic Queer. Yellow represents honesty, gray represents unity/harmony, blue represents commitment, purple represents solidarity/trust.

The symbol of infinity represents infinite partners, and can also represent eternal love. Unfunny person420 believes that the infinite symbol is a better representation of polyamory than the pi symbol.

The smaller flag was created by Tumblr’s weird flags on September 15, 2019. Pink stands for love, light pink stands for unity and trust, purple stands for relationships. Infinite Heart was used for popularity but another version of the flag was made without it (by the same person).

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Polyamorous people

Polyamory is the ability or desire to communicate with more than one person at a time. Polyamorous can be used both to describe a relationship with more than two people and to describe people who want such a relationship. Polygonal relationships can be romantic, sexual, or both.

They may also be based on first-class gravity such as Platonic queer relationships. Polyamory is not considered fraudulent because all parties are aware of all other parties and consent to their participation. Polyamory can be simply a free relationship or it can be three or more people who are all in a relationship.

Polyamorous is not sexuality in itself, but rather describes how you experience attraction. Multi-horned people can have any kind of sex.

Polyamory can include marriage, but it should not be confused with polygamy, the practice of polygamy, which is illegal in the United States and many Western countries.

Ideally, polyamory / polyamorous is shortened to poly, not poly (to avoid confusion with shortening for Polynesian or Polysexual). Polyamory should not be confused with multiple sexes either.

Types of Polyamorous Relationships

Open relationship: A relationship or marriage in which two partners are committed, but allow each other to have a partner outside of their partnership. This also includes DADT polygons and geographic non-monogamy.

Pluriad: Also known as plurad. A multiple relationship in which each person has a relationship with everyone else.

Triple: Also known as triangle or delta. A relationship involving three people, each of whom has a relationship with everyone else.

V Polyamory: A relationship involving three people in which one person has a relationship with two partners who are not related to each other. Example: A is dated B and C, but B and C are not dated.)

T Polyamory: A relationship involving three people in which a third-person conflict causes two other people to become involved. Example: B and C both date back to each other. Intervention A requires B and C to put together. Without the intervention of A, B and C no longer pass.

Quad Polyamory: Any polygamous relationship involving four people.

N Polyamory: A relationship involving four people, generally two couples, in which one member of one couple is also involved with one of the members of the other couple. Example: A and B are dating. C and D are placed together. B and C are also old, but A and D are not.

Full Quad: A relationship with four people, all of whom are involved with all the other members.

Polycule: A very complex multilateral relationship, usually involving five or more people. This term is an example of poly and a molecule that refers to the complex shapes of some molecules.

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