The Bahamas flag has three equal horizontal bands of aquamarine (top), gold, and aquamarine. With an equilateral triangle, the black is located on the side of the lift. The color of the golden band represents the golden beaches of the islands surrounded by the Aquamarine Sea. The blue stripes of […]

The Nauru flag is not the first flag to represent the country, but it is the first flag that is completely dedicated to its nation and people. Its position as the only unique flag in the history of the country means the flag of Nauru as a strong symbol of […]


The Brazil flag is known in Portuguese as the Green-Gold (Auriverde) as the Yellow Green or Bandeira do Brasil. This flag is a symbol of the unity and aspirations of the Brazilian people. The flag was adopted on November 15, 1889, when the country gained independence from the Portuguese, who […]


The Somali flags are intended to represent the Somali people in general. The modern Somali flag originated at the same time as the Republic of Somalia, which emerged after the colonization of Africa in the mid-20th century. This flag was adopted on October 12, 1954. This flag was designed by […]

The current Burundi flag was adopted when the nation gained its independence from Belgium in the mid-20th century but has a history dating back to pre-colonial times. Also, the Burundian flag has changed more than many other countries in Africa, but it has always been very similar to the historic […]


The Denver Flag is the official flag of the city of Denver in Colorado. Designed by Northern High School student Margaret Orbeck and adopted in 1926. A white zigzag stripe horizontally separates a red square below a blue background above it, where a yellow circle is concentrated, and together a […]


The Chicago flag made up of two horizontal bars or blue stripes on a white background, each one-sixth the height of the full flag and slightly less than one-sixth the way up and down. Four bright red stars, each with six sharp points, are placed side by side in the […]


The Aruba flag was officially adopted on March 18, 1976, and retained its style after becoming an autonomous region of the Netherlands. The flag is light blue and has two narrow stripes, horizontal and yellow at the bottom, and a red four-pointed star with a white corner. The top of […]

The Tulsa flag consists of a half-white blue and half-beige lower part separated by a golden horizontal line and a golden Osage shield piercing the left third. The shield consists of a red circle and a six-beige star inside the circle. This flag is remarkable because it is one of […]

The British Columbia flag is built on the shield of the provincial arms of British Columbia. Above the flag is an image of the Royal Union flag, which is set in the middle of a crown and under the sun, and shows the position of the province of British Columbia […]