Cincinnati Flag is the flag of the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. The design was selected in an 1896 competition. Formally adopted on June 15, 1940. History On November 23, 1895, the Cincinnati Times-Star held an editorial with a $ 50 prize (equivalent to $ 1,537 in 2019), offering a […]

The San Marino flag is topped by two equal horizontal stripes of white (top) and light blue with the national emblem. The emblem has a shield (with three towers on three peaks) with a closed crown on top, an oak and laurel crown, with a scroll below that shows the […]


The Provo flag is the official flag of the city of Provo, Utah, USA. The current flag, containing the city logo on a light blue background, was approved on January 6, 2015, after years of debate over the replacement of the previous flag. The former flag, adopted in 1989, ridiculed […]

The Malaysian flag consists of fourteen red and white horizontal stripes alternating with a yellow crescent and a 14-pointed star at the top of the blue rectangle in the upper left corner. The Malaysian flag was officially adopted on May 26, 1950, and the latest version was updated on September […]


The Phoenix flag is the official municipal flag of Phoenix, Arizona. Its current design is simply a Maroon Square with a white phoenix emblem in the center. This is the second project in the history of the city and has been implemented since 1990 instead of the flag adopted in […]


The Suriname flag was legally adopted on November 25, 1975, after the independence of Suriname. Before that, there were two different flags. The first flag represents Europeans, Africans, East Indians, Chinese, and Americans. However, Suriname did not agree to the design of the first flag because it lacked national unity […]

The Mauritius flag, also known as the Four Bands and the Les Quatre Bandes (French: “Four Bands”), was adopted in Esteghlal on March 12, 1968. It consists of four horizontal bands of equal width, colored (top to bottom) red, blue, yellow, and green. The flag was hoisted at the College […]


The Gambia flag was formally adopted on February 18, 1965. To replace the British colonial flag, which had been replaced by the blue Gambian emblem. The Gambian flag was designed by Luis Thomas and has been the flag of Senegal since independence, including during the Confederate period. The Gambian flag […]

Anguilla is a British overseas territory and the Anguilla flag has a blue British flag in the canton and a badge with three dolphins. The emblem on the Anguilla flag stands for friendship, wisdom, and strength. Before the current flag, three more flags were raised in this country. The original […]

Like many other flags, the Brunei flag stands for both the nation itself and the sultan who rules it. It has changed several times to take into account changes in the national government, but the design of the flag has remained considerably constant over the years. Brunei is even one […]