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The current New Hampshire flag shows a British ship called the Raleigh, built-in 1776 in Portsmouth. It was the first US Navy ship to carry the American flag in battle, and this reflected in the middle seal of the flag.

The ship is surrounded by cave leaves and nine stars, indicating that it is the ninth state to adopt the Union Constitution.


Passed by the New Hampshire Legislature in 1909, the flag depicts the seal of New Hampshire on the blue ground surrounded by laurel leaves and nine stars representing New Hampshire as the ninth member state of the union.

This flag has changed only once since its adoption in 1909. This change was not in the design of the flag itself but in the seal of the government whose center was the flag.

The rally boat appears on the flag as if it were floating on water.

The state flag must have the following color and design: The body or part must be blue and in the center should be relatively appropriate and have a display of government seals.

The seal should be surrounded by a wreath of laurel leaves with nine scattered stars. When used for military purposes, the flag must comply with US regulations.

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New Hampshire did not formally adopt a state flag until 1909. Before that, New Hampshire had many regiment flags to represent the state.

The flag changed only once, in 1931 when the state seal was amended.
The body of the flag is blue.

The center of the flag has the state seal with the rally boat – all surrounded by laurel leaves rather than stars.

The meaning of the flag

Like many state flags in the United States, the design of the New Hampshire flag is based on its official seal.

The main feature of this state flag is the depiction of the USS Raleigh warship.

A wreath of laurel surrounds the seal, which is a symbol of honor, victory, and fame.

There are 9 stars in this wreath, which symbolizes New Hampshire as the ninth member state of the union.

The water in the image shows the port of Portsmouth, and there is also land painted in granite, which symbolizes the strong character of the people in this state and the rugged landscape.

Flag colors

The background of the New Hampshire flag is blue. The text, the circle around the seal, and the wreath and the stars are golden.

Government seals come in a variety of colors, including red, gold, blue, green, and white.

New Hampshire State (USA) Flag Color Codes

002a86 - Resolution Blue color image previewName: Resolution Blue
Hex: #002A86
RGB: (0, 42, 134)
CMYK: 1, 0.686, 0, 0.474
3f863f - May Green color image previewName: May Green
Hex: #3F863F
RGB: (63, 134, 63)
CMYK: 0.529, 0, 0.529, 0.474
efae0e - Spanish Yellow color image previewName: Spanish Yellow
Hex: #EFAE0E
RGB: (239, 174, 14)
CMYK: 0, 0.271, 0.941, 0.062
9e4d3c - Chestnut color image previewName: Chestnut
Hex: #9E4D3C
RGB: (158, 77, 60)
CMYK: 0, 0.512, 0.620, 0.380
4f9eff - Blueberry color image previewName: Blueberry
Hex: #4F9EFF
RGB: (79, 158, 255)
CMYK: 0.690, 0.380, 0, 0
de1c2c - Amaranth Red color image previewName: Amaranth Red
Hex: #DE1C2C
RGB: (222, 28, 44)
CMYK: 0, 0.873, 0.801, 0.129
New Hampshire State (USA) Flag Color Codes

Great seal

New Hampshire depicts the USS Raleigh and a 9-star Laurel wreath surrounded.

The Rally is one of the first 13 warships to be funded by the Continental Congress for a New American Navy, built-in 1776 in Portsmouth.

A wreath of laurel flowers surrounded the seal. The wreath is an ancient symbol of fame, honor, and victory.

The nine stars inside the wreath indicate that New Hampshire is the ninth state to join the union.

Water stands for Portsmouth Harbor, and at this ring is the yellow granite earth, a solid igneous rock that represents the rugged landscape of New Hampshire and the strong character of its people.

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About New Hampshire State

New Hampshire is a state in the northeastern United States and it is one of the states of New England.

The name of this state is from the name of the English city of Hampshire.

It shares borders with Vermont to the west, Maine and the Atlantic to the east, Massachusetts to the south, and the Canadian province of Quebec to the north.

Map of Vermont and New Hampshire States in USA.


The various Algonquian Abenaki tribes, mainly divided between the Androscoggin and Pennacook nations, inhabited the region before the establishment of Europe.

Despite their similar language, they had very different cultures and religions from other Algonquian tribes. English and French explorers visited New Hampshire from 1600–1605, and David Thompson settled in 1623 at Advent Point in present-day Ray.

It was the first permanent residence at Hilton Point (now Dover). By 1631, the upper plants included the present-day Dover, Durham, and Stratum. In 1679, it became a “royal province”.

Ral’s father’s war between the colonialists and the Web bank Confederacy took place throughout New Hampshire.

New Hampshire was one of thirteen colonies that rebelled against the British government during the American Revolution.

At the time of the American Revolution, New Hampshire divided into provinces.

Wealthy merchants built considerable houses, provided them with the best luxury supplies, and invested their capital in trade and land speculation.

At the other end of the social scale, a permanent class of day laborers, sailors, deserving servants, and even slaves created.

The only battle that took place in New Hampshire was the attack on Fort William and Mary on December 14, 1774, in the port of Portsmouth, which sparked significant amounts of gunpowder, small arms, and artillery.

(General Sullivan, leader of the attack, described it as “powder remnants, small arms, bayonets, and cartons, along with cannons and ammunition stores”) over two nights.

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Prior to the attack, local patriots were warned yesterday by Paul River on December 13, 1774, that the castle had been fortified by sailing forces from Boston.

According to unconfirmed accounts, gunpowder was later used in the Battle of Bunker Hill, which was transported by Major Demeritt, one of several New Hampshire patriots, until the powder was moved elsewhere for use in revolutionary activities.

During the attack, British soldiers fired artillery and musk at the insurgents. Although apparently not fatal, these were some of the first shots fired during the American Revolution, almost five months before the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

The United States Constitution was approved by New Hampshire on June 21, 1788, when New Hampshire became the ninth state.

New Hampshire was a Jacksonian stronghold. The industry took the form of several textile mills, which in turn attracted large numbers of immigrants from Quebec (“French Canadians”) and Ireland.

The northern part of the state produces wood and the mountains provide tourist attractions.

After 1960, the textile industry collapsed, but the economy revived as a high-tech hub and as a service provider.

Since 1952, New Hampshire has received national and international attention for its preparations for the presidential election, which was held early each year.
It immediately became the most important testing ground for Republican and Democratic candidates.

In the early stages, the media paid close attention to New Hampshire and Iowa in all states, magnifying the state’s decision-making power, and encouraging repeated attempts by overseas politicians to change the law.


Comparison of US GDP with other countries in 2012. New Hampshire has a gross domestic product comparable to Cuba this year.
In 2012, the state had a gross domestic product of $ 69.572 billion.

The state has a property tax that is controlled by municipalities but has no sales tax or global revenue.

The state has more restrictive taxes on meals, accommodation, vehicles, investment and business income, and tolls on state roads.


New Hampshire is part of New England’s six counties. It is bounded on the north and northwest by Quebec, Canada.

Maine and the Atlantic Ocean to the east; Massachusetts in the South; And Vermont to the West.

Major areas of New Hampshire include the Great North Woods, the White Mountains, the Lake District, the Seashore, the Merrimack Valley, the Monadnock District, and the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee District.

New Hampshire was the site of a rock formation called Old Man Mountain, a face-like profile in Franconia Notch until the structure collapsed in May 2003.

Geographically location of New Hampshire

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