Flag of The Republic of Macedonia

The Macedonian national flag was designed by Professor Miroslav Grofi, an architect and graphic designer.

It was formally adopted on October 5, 1995. When Macedonia was part of Yugoslavia, its flag had a red square with a star in the canton. The star had red-yellow borders.

For a short time, the Macedonian flag depicted the Virginia sun, one of the symbols used in the tombs of the ancient Macedonian kings.

However, Greece strongly opposed the use of this flag because Greece considered the Virgin sun to be a symbol of Greece. Greece even imposed an economic blockade for a year to force Macedonia to change its flag design.

Finally, the new flag, the current version we see today, was adopted in 1995, where the Vergina Sun replaced with a glowing sun.

This change in the design of the flag was not initially accepted by the conservative citizens of Macedonia.

Both old and new flags have been used in the country for several years.

In some parts of the country, only the old flag was accepted.

History of the flag

Between 1918 and 1943, Macedonia was under the tricolor red and blue flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

The first modern Macedonian flag was created in 1944 with the partition of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and Macedonia became an independent state. The new flag is a simple red square with a golden star in the center.

Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia

In 1946, after losing its independence, it became one of the six republics of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

The country was renamed the Socialist Republic of Macedonia, retaining the red flag with less than one gold star.

The flag remained in place after Macedonia’s independence in 1991 because authorities could not agree on a new flag. Until August 1992, the new flag was not accepted.

It was a simple red flag with a symbol of the sun Vergina, a yellow sun in the center with eight throws reaching a point.

In 1995, Greece imposed an economic blockade on the Republic of Macedonia because it wanted to remove the Virgin Sun on the flag, claiming that they had the right to print the image.

A year later, the Macedonians removed the Virgin Sun and replaced it with the “New Sun of Freedom.”

The national emblem

The national emblem of the Republic of Macedonia has the sun with eight bright rays on the blue mountains and the river Var.

Around it are two arches of wheat, tobacco and poppy fruit, which are marked with ribbons with traditional motifs.

This is very similar to the previous symbols under the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, except that there is a lack of a hexagonal red star on the modern symbol.

Coat of the President of the Republic of Macedonia

When the new Emblem was conceived in 2009, a new Coat of Arms was adopted for the audience.

Coat of Arms depicts the sun from the national flag on a shield with a Macedonian oak crown, consisting of sixteen leaves and sixteen oaks.

Design and meaning of the flag

The Macedonian national flag has a red square. A yellow sun is seen in the center of the square. Eight broad yellow rays come out of the sun from all directions and end at the edges of the flag.

Red, one of the colors used in the flag, is one of the traditional colors of Slavic Macedonia. Red and yellow / gold are also part of the country’s heritage.

The stylized sun seen in the flag is a symbol of the “new sun of freedom” mentioned in the national anthem as well as in its coat.

Macedonia Flag Color Codes

d20000 - Rosso Corsa color image previewName: Rosso Corsa
Hex: #D20000
RGB: (210, 0, 0)
CMYK: 0, 1, 1, 0.176
ffe600 - Vivid Yellow color image previewName: Vivid Yellow
Hex: #FFE600
RGB: (255, 230, 0)
CMYK: 0, 0.098, 1, 0
Macedonia Flag Color Codes

Pictures of Macedonian flag

Mast pole with Macedonian national flag, Ohrid town, Northern Macedonia
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About the Republic of Macedonia

The Republic of Macedonia is a country in the Balkan region of Europe that was part of Yugoslavia until 1991.

It bordered by Serbia to the north, Albania to the west, Greece to the south, and Bulgaria to the east.

A macro shoot macedonia map


Macedonia bordered by Serbia to the north and Greece to the south. After independence, the country chose the name Macedonia.

In this regard, that ancient Macedonia was a large part of Greece. This issue had caused concern to the Greek government, announced that Macedonia should change its name.

In 1993, the country recognized as the Republic of Yugoslavia and joined the United Nations.

Finally, in 2001, Greece agreed to have Macedonia officially registered.

The country is about 36 percent larger than ancient Macedonia. Macedonia is on the WTO list and is seeking membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Most of Macedonia is a plateau with an altitude of 600 to 900 meters above sea level. The Vardar River divides the country into two parts.

People and culture

The people of Macedonia in general are noisy people. They are always happy, and even in the workplace, this situation can be seen.

The people of this country generally have a group life, in general, family life in this country is in a way that a person can spend his day with his family members.

They are often kind people. Learning the lessons in the schools is in good condition, people try to always be professional and of course, the living conditions in this country can be a little for the people. It seems hard.

This is part of their culture and they try to take a lot of time in this regard. Also, the people of Macedonia often try to make time for reading during the day, and reading books in this country is pursued professionally.

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They try to travel twice a year, and this has become part of the culture of the people of this country, and they attach great importance to family travel. The people of Macedonia are often law-abiding people, and this is part of their culture. They talk very little while driving and try.

The rules of life in Macedonia are advanced, meaning that people try to get all their attention in the classroom when they are in the classroom. The people of Macedonia are trying to separate the laws of work and life.

The flag of Macedonia designed in red and yellow colors and one of the laws of this country is to respect the flag of this country.

The hijab of Macedonia must be observed in the religious atmosphere, and women must wear clothes.

Geography of Macedonia

Macedonia is a European country located in the northern part of Greece. The country is generally located on the Balkan Peninsula, the largest area of the country is a plateau with a height of 600 to 900 meters.

The Vardar River divides the country into two parts. Very important lakes are located in the southeastern part of Macedonia.

The country has beautiful and pristine nature and in general, many tourists choose Macedonia for sightseeing. The capital and largest city of this country is Skopje.

Geographically location of Macedonia


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