Flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran


The flag of Iran is a symbol of the religion of this country. This is important as described on July 29, 1980, and the governor Mohammad Reza Pahlavi approved the position.

Flag of iran waving with highly detailed textile texture pattern

However, the color of the flag from the mid-18th century, it represents Islam.

For Iranians, this flag is a symbol of the unity that prevails among the Arab Hajj nations. Including Bahrain, Algeria, Djibouti, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc. You can remind in this way, and in the year 1979 in Iran was a conflict.

As a result, the flag created a deep symbolism for the people and created a different meta for the Iranians.

History of the flag

Iran is an ancient country that was previously possible until the twentieth century as Persia.

The Persian Empire access history may be at your disposal one of the most famous leaders, Cyrus the Great.

In the province between 224 and 651 BC, using a rectangular charm with purple. The Sassanid Empire used this banner.

From 651 to 998 BC, Islam already had a limited budget in the region. You do not have any special flags at this time.

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However, in 998, Mahmoud Ghazni introduced his flag with the Sun at the center of the budget.

The government that captured the Safavid dynasty, a new flag using plastic, and a full moon.

This flag is prioritized to the flag of Ismail. The influence of the Safavid dynasty is the beginning of the history of modern Iran as a service provider.

A new leader, Tahmasb I, captures the Safavid Empire and changes the flag.

This new flag includes a southern background with a sheepskin logo and a sun in the center of the budget.

From 1576 to 1732, the flag of the Safavid dynasty after Ishmael II consisted of a golden sun showing a dive. In 1736, during the Dynasty of Life, the golden lion was returned to a white square.

The Afshar Dynasty, which gives you timely access, gives you its own flag to add, yellow, and budget.

This banner established in Iran from 1736 to 1796 after the leader Nader Shah.

Overthrew the last leader of the Safavid dynasty and established himself as the king of Iran. After his death, the country was redistributed until 1789, during the reign of the Qajar dynasty.

Using the Qajar family to the budget worker, before that you can simply do with the yellow circle in your service center. The ring area of ​​a golden lion with the sun rising this.

The government that Mohammad Khan took over in 1797 in the control area, Fath Ali Shah Qajar. The new ruler adopted a flag with simple clarity and a golden lion with the sign of the sun-facing.

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Iran passes countless flags with any kind of change and delivery in the margins to approve the budget visit. The lion and sun emblem in the 15th century on various flags passed by the mother.

However, the flag in Mohammad Shah between 1834-13434 and Nasser al-Din between 1848 and 1848 were used. The paintings include the lion and the sun, as well as the lion in these other versions.

Towards the end of the tenth century, the colors green and red in the flag of Ganjaniula were intense.

Later, in 1907, the flag was tricolor green, white, and red with no budget symbol.

These colors can be popularized through the Prophet of Islam, it is also a symbol of Islamic faith.

These three colors represent the Islamic faith of the country, peace, and the courage of the budget. The lion and the sign of the sun were later incorporated into the flag.

In 1979, a fundamentalist religious group led by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini established a new national flag. This new flag of inscriptions Ross, “Allah Akbar” (“God is great”) repeated 22 times.

New flag selling complex designs and related to Islam budget. It can be read in Arabic as a translation of the word Allah, as the restoration of World, or as a combination of crescents.

This flag is based on a religious basis and for the control of the sect, it presented from leadership to leadership, leadership, and budget.

One of The Asian country Iran

symbolize and color the flag of Iran


The flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran has three colors (green, white, red). In which the holy word “Allah” is engraved in the middle. Around it the holy slogan “Allah Akbar” adorns it.

In the Iranian flag, the green color of the flag is a sign of prosperity, and reflects the aspirations of the great nation of Iran to have a prosperous and developed country.

This color is also a sign of the religion of Islam, which is the religion of 99% of the Iranian people.

Also, the white color of the flag indicates the pacifism of the great nation of Iran.

The Muslim nation of Iran, under the influence of the teachings of the religion of Islam, wants peace and tranquility for all its fellow human beings.

The red color in the Iranian flag is a sign of the strength and stability of the Muslim nation of Iran against the aggressors and oppressors, as the Muslim nation of Iran has shown in practice in defending the rights of the border and its beliefs to the end.

On the other hand, the word Allah among the flag and slogan of Allah Akbar also reflects the identity and ideals of the Iranian nation, which is manifested in the shadow of these holy letters and the religion of Islam.

The number of Allah Akbar around the map of Iran is 22 as a sign of the victory of the revolution on the 22nd of Bahman.


This symbol was designed in the center of the flag in 1980. This symbol is a limited alphabet inspired by Persian for the name of God with a shadow sword and four crescents. You can see this symbol is Laleh’s decision.

However, this is a symbol of martyrdom, it reminds you to be in Iran and to be able to do patriotism and self-sacrifice. However, the red morsel can be grown from the blood of the martyrs.


The length of the Iranian flag is twice as wide now that the horizontal stripes are all demarcated. If this brother, the Kufic inscriptions in the center of the flag are 11 times in line and 11 times at the end of the ribbon, it did not repeat. However, the diameter of the circle symbolizes ¼ of the lift

It is worth mentioning that in 1334, the first organized flag of Iran after the constitution design with mention of shape, color, and size.

In this flag, there were three colors of green at the top, white in the middle and red at the bottom, and in the white part, the role of the lion and the sun in brown.

The lion had a sword in his left palm, his head to the right, and his tail high. The sun also had eyes and eyebrows and rays were seen around it; The flag that was changed to the current flag after the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Iran Flag Color Codes

239f40 - Wageningen Green color image previewName: Wageningen Green
Hex: #239F40
RGB: (35, 159, 64)
CMYK: 0.779, 0, 0.597, 0.376
da0000 - Rosso Corsa color image previewName: Rosso Corsa
Hex: #DA0000
RGB: (218, 0, 0)
CMYK: 0, 1, 1, 0.145
ffffff - White color image previewName: White
RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0
Iran Flag Color Codes

Interesting facts about the Iranian flag

1-Some Iranians living in this country use this flag with the lion and the sun symbol, which has been used for more than 3000 years.

It is known as a symbol of the past and the glory of the country and the unity of the Iranian people. This flag is used by the public against those who oppose the government.

2-Hamid Naima (Persian: حمید ندیمی) is a designer of flag designs. The plan was approved by Rouhani Khomeini, an Iranian revolutionary, on May 9, 1980, and officially adopted on July 29, 1980.

3-The Lion and the Sun symbol, previously used on the flag, disappeared in 1979 after the king was abducted.

4-Forty years after the flag was adopted, the Iranian people have linked it to the revolution.

5-Nadimi Hamid, the flag designer, focused on the three pillars of the Islamic State when designing the symbol. These are the Bible, the balance/justice, and the power/endurance of iron.

6-The argument for using the symbol continues. Although the current symbols have a religious meaning, some believe that the previous symbol also has a sacred significance. Some are fans of the lion and sun symbol that used before.

Pictures of the flag of Iran

A big flag of Iran waving in the wind in Tehran, Iran.
A big flag of Iran waving in the wind in Tehran, Iran.
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About the Islamic Republic of Iran

Iran is a country in Southwest Asia with an approximate area of 1.648 million square kilometers, which also accommodates 80.28 million people.

It leads from the north to Turkmenistan, the Republic of Azerbaijan, and Armenia, from the east to Pakistan and Afghanistan, from the west to Iraq and Turkey, and from the south to the Sea of Oman and the Persian Gulf.

History of Iran

Iran is one of the lands in the Trans-Mesopotamian and Mesopotamian civilizations, which is located in the middle of the Iranian plateau. In the past, this country is also known as Persia.

In general, the history of Iran divided into pre-Islamic and post-Islamic parts, and each period has its own characteristics.

Pre-Islamic Iran itself divided into three periods: Iran before the Aryans, Iran after the arrival of the Aryans, and ancient Iran.

Numerous books have been written about each of these periods. Iran formed after Islam, after the arrival of Muslims in this region and their occupation of Iran, and as a result, Iran has witnessed profound political, social, religious and cultural changes, the effects of which, in We also see Iran today.

Geographically location of Iran

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