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The Illinois flag is very simple at first glance because the state seal is engraved on a completely white background with the name of the state engraved under it.

The state seal shows a bald eagle with a red flag on its beak with the state slogan on it: “State sovereignty, national unity.”

In 1867, Sharon Tyndale, who later reached the State Department, wanted to use the phrase to indicate her support for the Alliance during the Reconstruction, but the state legislature prevented her from doing so.

However, he turned the word “sovereignty” upside down to make it harder to read.


Illinois was the 21st state to be admitted to the Union on December 3, 1818. The state did not ratify the state flag until 1915, 97 years after it became a state.
The current flag has a white part and a part of the Illinois state seal is shown in the center.

The years 1818 and 1868 are written on a rock inside the seal. 1818 marks the year of the state of Illinois. 1868 was the year of the redesign of the seal.

The reception of the first official flag of the state of Illinois began in 1912 by Ella Park Lawrence, the state monarchy of the Daughters of the American Revolution, DAR. He failed but continued to push for a flag.

In an effort to achieve this goal, he announced a state flag design contest. Out of 35 entries, Lucy Dronet won.

Although his plan was approved by the House and Senate, the governor did not sign or veto the bill.

During the 1960s, a petition to amend the state flag law was sent by adding the state name to the existing official flag.

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Bruce McDaniel, the chief retail officer thought that adding the name of the government would solve this problem.

The bill was signed in 1969 by the governor. Mrs. Sanford Hutchinson designed the new flag and in 1970 it became the official state flag.

In 1918, Wallace Rice designed a 100-year-old flag for the state of Illinois. This background had three horizontal stripes white, blue, and white.

To illustrate this point, Rice’s design had a white star in the center of the middle blue bar symbolizing Illinois.

The ten blue stars, representing the ten northern states, were on the white edge along the upper fly, and the ten blue stars along the lower white edge represent the ten southern states.

A 2001 poll by the North American Society of Virology ranked Illinois’s flag design 49th out of 72 flags.

The flags of the provinces of Canada and the United States and the terrorists were included in the poll.

Those who took part in the poll did not rank any flags containing the state seal in the results.

The meaning of the flag

The flag of Illinois bears the official seal of the state – the Great Illinois Seal. The state seal was based on a US seal design.
It has an eagle with a flag that has the slogan of the government: government sovereignty, national union.

It is also 1818, which is the state of Illinois.
The date 1868 is also on the seal, which determines the year of the redesign of the Great Seal.

The word “Illinois” is printed under the seal, and it forms the entire flag of the state of Illinois.

Flag colors

The flag of Illinois has a large Illinois emblem that comes in several colors, including brown, red, blue, green, yellow, and blue.

This stamp is on a white background. Below the seal, the name of the state is printed in blue letters.

Illinois State (USA) Flag Color Codes

ffffff - White color image previewName: White
RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0
785a3c - Mud color image previewName: Mud
Hex: #785A3C
RGB: (120, 90, 60)
CMYK: 0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.529
002768 - Cool Black color image previewName: Cool Black
Hex: #002768
RGB: (0, 39, 104)
CMYK: 1, 0.625, 0, 0.592
3f863f - May Green color image previewName: May Green
Hex: #3F863F
RGB: (63, 134, 63)
CMYK: 0.529, 0, 0.529, 0.474
be0a2f - Crimson Glory color image previewName: Crimson Glory
Hex: #BE0A2F
RGB: (190, 10, 47)
CMYK: 0, 0.947, 0.752, 0.254
ffed58 - Corn color image previewName: Corn
Hex: #FFED58
RGB: (255, 237, 88)
CMYK: 0, 0.070, 0.654, 0
Illinois State (USA) Flag Color Codes

Illinois official seal

The Illinois State Seal was adopted in 1867, and the Central Seal design shows the state flag.

The Illinois state seal depicts a bald eagle with a banner reading “Government Sovereignty, National Unity” on its beak.

The words “Illinois State Seal” and “Aug. 26, 1818,” is in the outer circle of the seal because the date of the signing of the first Illinois Constitution is August 26, 1818.

Pictures of Illinois flag

Flag of the state of Illinois.
Illinois state flag on white board
Map of Idaho State. Selective focus.
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About Illinois State

Illinois, the constituent state of the United States of America has 385 miles from the Wisconsin border in the north to Cairo in the south.

Also, the state has borders with Indiana to the east, Lake Michigan to the northeast, Kentucky to the southeast, Missouri to the west, and Iowa to the northwest.

The capital is Springfield, in the western and central parts of the state.


In 1673, French explorers descended the Mississippi River, the western boundary of the present-day Illinois River, and finally north of the Illinois River.
Other expeditions followed, and in 1675, Jacques Market’s father set up a mission in the Indian village of Kaskaskia near present-day Ottawa.

Kahuku, the first permanent settlement in Illinois, was a fur trade center founded in 1699. A few years later, the city of Kaskaskia founded.
In 1717, France placed Illinois in the Louisiana colony.

The end of the Franco-Indian War in 1763 ceded all land east of the Mississippi River to Britain. Many French immigrants moved to Iowa across the river from Illinois.

Only missionaries, fur traders, a few immigrants, and British soldiers remained in the Illinois area.

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In 1809, the territory of Illinois created. Hundreds of immigrants from Virginia, Kentucky, and Maryland moved to Illinois.

The Indians, angry with the immigrants for taking their lands, sided with Britain in the War of 1812. Many settlers massacred while trying to leave Fort Dearborn on the Chicago River.

on December 3, 1818 Illinois became the 21st state The construction of the Erie Canal in 1825 provided easy transportation to the Midwest.

Hundreds of Eastern and European states rushed to establish a new government.

The federal government forced Indians living in the state to cross the Mississippi River and go to Iowa.

In 1832, the Sauk Indians and the Fox fought government militias for their land.

The Black Hawk War ended that year and all the Indians leave Illinois.

Recently, Illinois has been working to reduce air and water pollution in the state.

Taxes provide the public services needed, and a government lottery approved in 1973 to help raise money for education. The growth and expansion of industries continue.


The state’s economy is based on major companies such as Caterpillar, John Deere, and Boeing, and has a high gross domestic product.
In 2012, the state had a GDP of $ 751.094 billion


English is the official language of Illinois, and if it is between 1923 and 1969, state law is the official “American language” of the court. 80% of Illinois need to speak English natively and most of them speak fluently as a second language.

Use spoken American English dialects, from native North American English and African American English near Chicago to Midland English in central Illinois, to South American English in the far south.

More than 20% of Illinois speak a language other than English at home, with Spanish being the most widely spoken Spanish with more than 12% of the total population.

There are a significant number of Polish speakers in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Illinois The French country is more extinct in Illinois, although it is still celebrated in the historic French colonial region.


Illinois is one of the Midwestern states of the United States.
It is bordered on the west by Iowa and Missouri, on the east by Indiana, on the north by Wisconsin, on the south by Kentucky, and on the northeast by Lake Michigan.

The state of Illinois covers an area of about one hundred and fifty thousand square kilometers and has a population of approximately twelve million and four hundred thousand people.

The capital of Illinois is Springfield, and Chicago is the state’s largest and most famous city.

Geographically location of Illinois

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