Flag of Idaho State of USA


The official Idaho flag is blue with the word “Idaho” engraved in gold under the state seal.

The seal itself is based on a painting by Paul Evans, which shows the most important industries in Idaho, namely mining, agriculture, and forestry.


Idaho was the 43rd state to be admitted to the union on July 3, 1890. The state flag was not approved by the state legislature until 1907.

The state flag law states that “… the state flag for the state of Idaho shall be blue, in the name of the state, in the colors, sizes, and dimensions prescribed by the Idaho State Committee.”

The statute also stipulated that the inspector general was responsible for overseeing the form and construction of the flag.

The Idaho State Seal is the only state seal in the United States designed by a woman named Emma Edwards Green. Her plan was formally approved by the Idaho legislature in 1891.

Showing a woman who has a scale to show justice, equality, and freedom. A freedom hat at the end of the spear to show freedom.

A miner standing next to a ledge, a pick, and an ore around his feet represents the main occupation of the government.

The protection shown between men and women reflects the support of the government by men and women.

The tree depicted in the shield represents the great benefits of the country’s wood. Male and plows show agricultural resources.

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Abundant horns represent gardening. An elk head to show the government’s game law that protects deer and elk. Also, the flower on the woman’s feet is a state flower, the orange is a mockery.

The star symbolizes a new light in many states. And the river depicted is in the shield of the Shoshone River.

The problem with flag design was that flag makers produced a variety of flag images for flags.

The Idaho legislature amended the 1927 Idaho National Guard Statute. The original statute of the 1907 state flag was replaced by a draft issued by the order of the general.

As a result, the Government Seal Draft formally approved by the 1927 Statute.

The Idaho flag ranked 64th out of 72 designs that included the provincial and state flags of Canada and the United States.

This is more than likely because countries that use a blue section and put their state seals on them are not desirable designs.

Emma Edwards Green’s painting of her seal design and the state flag, created in 1907, are both housed in the Idaho Historical Museum in Boise, Idaho.

The meaning of the flag

The Idaho flag has the state’s grand seal. This stamp shows a picture of a miner and a woman. This image is a symbol of freedom, justice and equality.

There are other symbols on the flag that include the country’s natural resources, including forests, farmland, wildlife and mines.

A shield inside the seal has additional symbols that indicate the present and history of the government.

It includes a pine tree to show the government’s timber, a man plowing a farm and a bunch of seeds to represent the country’s agriculture, and corneas that are a turning point for the state’s horticulture.

Flag colors

The background color of the Idaho flag is blue. The government seal in the center of the flag has several colors, including blue, gold, white, and green.

Around the seal image is a gold ribbon with the text “Idaho Grand Seal” in black. Below the seal is a red and gold banner with the word “Idaho” written in gold.

Idaho State (USA) Flag Color Codes

003776 - Ateneo Blue color image previewName: Ateneo Blue
Hex: #003776
RGB: (0, 55, 118)
CMYK: 1, 0.533, 0, 0.537
ef1439 - Scarlet color image previewName: Scarlet
Hex: #EF1439
RGB: (239, 20, 57)
CMYK: 0, 0.916, 0.761, 0.062
ffb32b - Bright Yellow (Crayola) color image previewName: Bright Yellow (Crayola)
Hex: #FFB32B
RGB: (255, 179, 43)
CMYK: 0, 0.298, 0.831, 0
86e2ff - Pale Cyan color image previewName: Pale Cyan
Hex: #86E2FF
RGB: (134, 226, 255)
CMYK: 0.474, 0.113, 0, 0
ffe835 - Banana Yellow color image previewName: Banana Yellow
Hex: #FFE835
RGB: (255, 232, 53)
CMYK: 0, 0.090, 0.792, 0
36e218 - Harlequin Green color image previewName: Harlequin Green
Hex: #36E218
RGB: (54, 226, 24)
CMYK: 0.761, 0, 0.893, 0.113
Idaho State (USA) Flag Color Codes

Flag Facts

  • According to a 2001 poll, the Idaho flag design ranked 64th out of 72 states in the United States and Canada.

Pictures of Idaho flag

The flag of the state of Idaho blowing in the wind in front of a clear blue sky
Idaho flag, US State Flag, USA
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About Idaho state

Idaho is a state in the western United States. Its center and big city is Boise. The state had a population of 1.7 million in 2017. The population of Boisei is 223 thousand people.

Idaho is located in the northwestern United States and is bordered by Montana to the east and northeast, Wyoming to the east, Nevada, and Utah to the south, and Washington and Oregon to the west.

Map of Idaho State. Selective focus.


The name of this state is from the language of the Shushuni natives of the region, and from Ee-da-how meaning “Look! “The sun sits on the mountain.”

A group of Poyandeh pioneers were the first Americans to visit the land in 1860 under Clark.

The state’s earliest survivors included fur seekers, fur merchants, and missionaries who gradually established settlements near the mines. The connection of the western railway to this state and the development of the irrigation network caused more people to go to this state and settle there. Idaho became the 43rd state of the United States in 1890.

Idaho became famous in 1951 for testing nuclear power generation for the first time in the southern part of the state that year.


In 2012, the state had a gross domestic product of $ 62.463 billion. Idaho National Laboratory is located in this state.

Interesting facts about Idaho

  • The name of this state is from a Native American word meaning “land of many waters”. The pronunciation is similar to the name of the state.
  • Idaho is sometimes referred to as the Jam State. About 72 types of gemstones are in this state.
  • The state grows about one-third of American potatoes. People living outside the state are more likely to consume these starchy vegetables than Idaho people.
  • A mayor seemed to be strangely surprised by his small town in Idaho. Wallace, with a population of 800, is the center of the world, he said.
  • Idaho produces other products besides potatoes. This state is actually known as the lentil capital of the world. It is also famous for having one of the largest hops farms in the United States
  • This state is famous for having a valley with an interesting name. At the top of the valley is Heaven’s Gate Lookout, where you can see the entire state of Idaho and the Bitterroot Mountains in Montana.
  • There are only a few places in the world where you can find a lot of star garnets. One in India and the other by chance in Idaho. The Emerald Creek Garnet Area provides opportunities to harvest stellar garnets. Permits are issued to visitors who wish to dig.
  • Women should be proud of Idaho because it is the only state seal in the United States designed by a woman. This woman was Emma Edwards Green, and her design was chosen in 1891.
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Idaho is a land full of snow mountains, arid valleys and valleys, abundant rivers, and beautiful lakes.

This region is more cold and mountainous than the United States. Shushun Falls is taller than Niagara Falls in the state.

The hot springs and vast lava flows in this land all indicate that the state had volcanic mountains. The state is home to the Caribbean-Targi National Forest.

Idaho is a large state and the 14th largest state in the United States, but its population is small. Boise is the capital of the state and its largest city. The city, with its suburbs, has a population of about 643,650.

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Although Idaho is mountainous and arid, its most important occupation is agriculture. Its inhabitants have turned barren lands into fertile lands through irrigation.

Idaho’s largest agricultural area is around the Snick River and its tributaries. Idaho’s most famous crop is potatoes and its most valuable crop is wheat.

Many Aida people, especially those living around the Snick River, have Gaussia. Some Idaho Gaussians cover more than 1,000 acres. In southern Idaho, many villagers work in the dairy industry.

The state has several flour mills and a sugar beet factory. Because Idaho has abundant forests, it also has a lot of lumber mills. The state is also rich in minerals such as silver, zinc, and phosphate.

Geographically location of Idaho

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