Flag of the Republic of Sierra Leone


The Sierra Leone flag was adopted in 1961 when the country gained independence from Britain. The flag consists of three horizontal stripes – one green at the top, one white in the middle, and one blue at the bottom.

Republic Sierra Leone national fabric flag textile background. Symbol of the international world African country. State official Africa sign.

The blue bar is reminiscent of the Atlantic Ocean, which washes the beaches of Sierra Leone. This color combination probably inspired the national costume.

Green symbolizes the country’s agricultural tradition, mountains, and lush vegetation, while white symbolizes peace and unity.

History of the Sierra Leone Flag

The first Sierra Leonean flag followed the pattern of the colonial flags in the British Empire. It was a British blue building covered with a colonial seal, depicting an elephant in front of a tree with colonial inscriptions written below.

They shared the plan with several other British colonies, and their flags could be distinguished only by their preliminaries. The flag was put into operation in 1889.

In 1914, when the Sierra Leonean colony was given an arm of its own, an oil palm tree and a ship entering a port were not used. The new bracelet replaced the sealed one in the old flag design.

The modern flag was in 1961, the year Sierra Leone gained its independence. The flag was a symbol of Sierra Leone ever since.


The color of the flag has cultural, political, and regional meanings. Green refers to the country’s natural resources, especially agriculture and its mountains. While white represents “unity and justice”.

Blue evokes the “natural harbor” of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, as well as the hope of “contributing to world peace” through its use.

This flag is very similar to the official flag of the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

The difference between the flags is very small, although one of Sierra Leone is lighter blue and green than the Galapagos Islands.

It is also very similar to the “Arne flag” used by ships on the Shannon-Erne Waterway in Ireland, except that it uses deeper shades of green and blue.

Colors and symbols

The Sierra Leone flag has three horizontal stripes.

The middle bar is white and represents justice and unity. The road to blue is blue, and it shows the nation’s hope to participate in peace.

The colors blue have been chosen as a reference for the natural port of Freetown, which serves as the capital of Sierra Leone and an important part of the nation.

Lack of trust in the colonial flags of the country indicates the separation of the country from the colonial level and the determination to have itself as a free and independent nation in modern times.

Sierra Leone Flag Color Codes

1eb53a - American Green color image previewName: American Green
Hex: #1EB53A
RGB: (30, 181, 58)
CMYK: 0.834, 0, 0.679, 0.290
Name: True Blue
Hex: #0072C6
RGB: (0, 114, 198)
CMYK: 1, 0.424, 0, 0.223
ffffff - White color image previewName: White
RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0
Sierra Leone Flag Color Codes

Legal issues

The Sierra Leonean flag is a comfort flag for foreign merchant ships.

“Minimum enforcement” of the law of seamanship on such ships has led to illegal and suspicious activity.

This includes illegal fishing, as well as the use of flags on ships from countries under UN sanctions.

As a result, the Sierra Leonean government has taken steps to reduce enrollment related to the convenience flag operation.

In 2010, they stopped registering fishing vessels to regulate poaching both in its inland waters and in international seas.

In 2015, after the establishment of the International Register of Ships (SLMARAD), which has established various mechanisms, including the necessary precision, FSIs, etc., and through the ratification of important IMO and ILO conventions and the implementation of such cases in Under its domestic law, the Sierra Leonean flag successfully eliminated such incidents.

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The Republic of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, officially the Republic of Sierra Leone, is a country in West Africa. The capital is Freetown.

Sierra Leone has a population of 7,960,000 and its official language is English. The currency of this country is Leon.

The people of Sierra Leone are about sixteen ethnic groups, each with its own language and customs.

The two largest and most influential nations among them are the Tanmeh and the Mandeh. Between 69% and 70% of the people of Sierra Leone are Muslim and 20% to 30% are Christian.

The area was discovered by the Europeans in 1461 by the Portuguese. The name Sierra Leone is also derived from the Portuguese language and means “Mountain of Lions”. The Sierra Leonean region became a slave trade zone for Europeans at that time.

Today, despite the richness of natural resources, 70% of the people of Sierra Leone live below the poverty line.


The history of Sierra Leone is very similar to the history of Guinea and Liberia so that the flag of Sierra Leone is designed with the approach of neighboring countries.

Sierra Leone is located in the Atlantic Ocean in the western and southwestern parts of the country, and it is clear that the official history of this region has been evaluated in different time periods.

The country has a tropical climate, and of course, it has vast plains and intertwined forests that still remain strong after extensive historical periods.

As the history of Sierra Leone shows, it was occupied by significant groups of British until 1961 and was considered a British colony.

After independence this year, Sierra Leone’s political instability was formally pursued. Of course, the Great Civil War in 1991 eventually led.

This war was with the intervention of the United Nations as well as Britain, and of course, it ended in 2002.

Of course, a tribunal established in Sierra Leone in 1991 on the basis of a thorough and formal investigation into the country’s war crimes.

It has been predicted in different periods that it is clear that the history of this country is based on organizational interventions and the government is trying to pursue the organizational interventions of Sierra Leone more advanced than before.

The history of Sierra Leone has been more closely linked to the British people.

People culture

In the culture of this country, people love to speak local languages so much that the local language has become an official language in Sierra Leone.

The people of Sierra Leone are also taught in English and the language of Sierra Leone in education is English.

 The hijab of Sierra Leone is free, but women often try to cover themselves, and this has become a culture in Sierra Leone.

The average age for women in Sierra Leone is between 5 and 17. In general, the people of this country are mostly teenagers and work from the same age, and burnout is clearly visible at the age of 40.

Life expectancy for women is 43 years, and men are 39 years. It is clear that in this country, people try to include a broad culture of life, but still many rural customs in the form of It looks very traditional.

In the culture of Sierra Leone, many jobs are used for both men and women, and there is no problem in this regard.

Women work hard. Most Sierra Leonean families have one or no children. Childbearing in this country is still not seen as it should be due to the average age of adolescents.

In the culture of the people of Sierra Leone, there are many people who try to teach education to their children.


Sierra Leone is a small country in West Africa with an area of 71740 square kilometers. It located in West Africa and of course in the northern and northwestern parts estimated at 652 km.

The climate is tropical and rainy, with temperatures ranging from 16 to 28 degrees Celsius. The country has generally anticipated natural conditions.

Sierra Leone has five regions, with coastal lands and lowland inland plains. It also has vast inland plateaus and includes the Freetown Peninsula. The small area of this area predicts the amount of rainfall in different places.

However, in this area, a series of heights can be seen that can be evaluated. The low plains and forests that can be seen along some areas assess their own conditions. There is a series of forest areas in this country, and of course, professional customs also include special conditions.

Geographically location of Sierra Leone

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