Flag of the Republic of Liberia


The Liberia flag is very similar to the United States flag, representing the founding of Liberia by a group of free-skinned blacks and blacks previously taken primarily from the United States.

The Liberian flag has similar red and white stripes as well as a blue square with a white star in the canton. Adopted on August 24, 1847.

Also, the current flag of Liberia was adopted on July 26, 1847, following the country’s independence from the United States, with modifications to the previous flag, and was raised on August 24 of that year.

 The new flag of the African Republic is similar to its former flag during the colonial period, except that the number of stripes reduced to 11 and white stars have replaced the Christian cross.


The first Liberian national flag was adopted in 1827. This is very similar to the US flag.

There were eleven red and white stripes with a blue square and a white cross in the left corner. The flag of the United States of America, consisting of 26 stars, also flew in Liberia until 1845.

The current national flag was adopted in 1945 and is the same as the previous flags, with the white star replacing the cross.


The Liberian flag, inspired by the United States flag, has 11 horizontal red and white stripes (six red stripes and five white stripes) that are red-white-red-white-white-red-white, respectively, from top to bottom. Red-white-red-white-red.

Also, the blue square is in the upper corner of the flag in the fluttering section on the left, which extends to the bottom of the third red stripe, and the white five-pointed star is inside it.

Colors and Symbolism

The red stripes on the Liberian flag symbolize courage, while the white color symbolizes moral superiority. Eleven ribbons mark the signing of the country’s declaration of independence.

The blue square in this canton is an example of the African continent, and the white star in this field is a symbol of Liberia as the first independent republic in Africa with Western-style rule. Also, the design of the flag is based on a version of the American flag used in the early nineteenth century.

Liberia Flag Color Codes

002868 - Cool Black color image previewName: Cool Black
Hex: #002868
RGB: (0, 40, 104)
CMYK: 1, 0.615, 0, 0.592
bf0a30 - Red (NCS) color image previewName: Red (NCS)
Hex: #BF0A30
RGB: (191, 10, 48)
CMYK: 0, 0.947, 0.748, 0.250
ffffff - White color image previewName: White
RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0
Liberia Flag Color Codes

Coat of Arms

The Liberian emblem has a gold border shield with the image of a ship that reaches the land of Liberia at sunrise.

On the ground is a plow, shovel, and palm tree, and on top of the ship is a white dove holding a letter. The scene is said to represent slaves returning to Liberia from the United States.

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The Republic of Liberia

Liberia, officially the Republic of Liberia, is a country in West Africa. Its capital is Monrovia. It is located on the northern shores of the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. Liberia was founded in 1847 by freed slaves who had returned to Africa from the United States and is one of the oldest republics on the African continent.

Western Africa map

It has been known since the 1990s for its long civil war and its role in the Sierra Leonean war.

Liberia has a population of about 5,058,000. The official language is English, which is spoken along with 29 other native African languages. Christianity, Islam and some other beliefs are prevalent in this region.

The average life expectancy of men is 41 years and women 42 years. The currency is the Liberian dollar. Diamonds, iron, rubber, coffee, and cocoa are the country’s exports.


In 1821 and 1822, the American Nomadic Association founded Liberia to house freed slaves.

In 1847, Liberia has proclaimed a republic. Black American immigrants dominated local Africans and extended their control offshore.

From 1878 to 1980, power was held by the presidents of the real Whig party, including William Tabman (President from 1944 to 1971). His successor, William Talbert, was assassinated during a coup led by Samuel de. Samuel Doe was the first Liberian to rule with local ancestors.

During a coup in 1990, Samuel II was overthrown. The West African economic community sent troops from several countries to restore order, but the civil war, which initially began between two insurgent forces, continued despite a 1991 ceasefire.

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The 14-year civil war in Liberia, which ended in 2003, killed an estimated 250,000 people.

In 1999, Ghana, Niger, and other countries condemned Liberia for supporting the Sierra Leonean rebels. At the same time, Charles Taylor accused Guinea of ​​supporting rioters in northern Liberia.

Disputes over the outcome of Liberia’s presidential election have sparked a political crisis in the country, with observers worried that the fragile democracy that ended the 14-year-old conflict could be lost.

Photo of pinned Monrovia on a map of Africa. May be used as illustration for traveling theme.

Alan Johnson Sirleaf, who won the Nobel Prize for her work in defending women’s rights, is the first woman president to be democratically elected in Africa since gaining independence in 2005.


Liberia has a population of about 4 million, a small country with people who always forced to work hard and have no job. The young generation in this country is very large and the average age in this country is 18 years. It is clear that in the culture of this country, the life expectancy conditions for women are 46 years.

For men today, life expectancy has reached 85 years. Women in Liberia are often interested in works of art and try to include art and art space in their work culture. This practice is more common in men in the technology sector.

In Liberia, people try to maintain a culture of public health. The people of Liberia are not very interested in having children, and this is due to the poverty and lack of living facilities in this country.

Of course, the people are all trying to follow the cultural dependence of Liberia periodically.

In any case, in this country, people try to connect with a series of diseases such as malaria and yellow fever.

It is clear that these two diseases are in this country depending on professional conditions. These diseases have killed many people in recent years.

The language of Liberia is English and the vernacular is in the same language and there will be no other specific dialect.

As is clear from the culture of the people of Liberia, 40% of the people of Liberia are Christians and 20% are Muslims, and about 40% of the people are followers of local religions.


Liberia officially is the Republic of Liberia. Located on the northern shores of the Gulf of Guinea, it is one of the oldest American foundations and has generally been involved in many wars.

Liberia has a population of 3.6 million and its people speak English, although there are 29 other local languages. Christianity and Islam are the religion of the people of Liberia. Men are 41 years old in Liberia and women are 42 years old. It is clear that Liberia is on the list of countries that economically need investors from neighboring countries.

Liberia is located between Guinea and Ivory Coast and, of course, has access to various countries. The country of Liberia is entirely dependent on the marshlands and is very high and covered with tropical forests.

The country has a number of important rivers, the most important of which are St. Paul and St. John. Liberia has 15 states, each with its own national credentials.

There are a number of important environmental situations in this country, and of course, they include very important conditions. The people of this country are from the Capel tribes, and of course, 16% of Muslims are living in Liberia.

Indigenous and tribal languages ​​in Liberia each belong to specific groups.

Geographically location of the Republic of Liberia

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