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The Delaware flag consists of a cow-colored diamond on a colonial blue background in which the diamond is the national emblem of the state of Delaware. Beneath the Diamond, December 7, 1787, marks the day that Delaware is the first state to ratify the United States Constitution.

The colors of the flag represent the color of General George Washington’s clothing.

The emblem in the middle of the flag was adopted on January 17, 1777. This is a shield of green, blue, and white horizontal stripes.

On the stripes, there is a bunch of wheat, a bunch of corn, and a cow standing on the grass, all representing brave agriculture. Above the shield is a sailing ship. Supporting the shield is a farmer on the left and a soldier on the right.

The slogan of the government, under the shield, reads “Freedom and Independence”. These symbols are also included in the seal of the hero.

The current flag was adopted on July 24, 1913.

During the American Civil War, heroic regiments flew a flag that looked like a national emblem on a blue background


Delaware was the first 13 major colonies to join the union on December 7, 1787. It is also the first state to adopt the US Constitution. Delaware did not receive the official flag until July 24, 1913.

The background of the flag is colonial blue, and a cow-colored diamond with the national emblem. Below this diamond is the date of December 7, 1787. Legend has it that the blue and cow colors of the flag were used to reflect the uniform colors of General George Washington. Diamond The nickname of this state is Diamond State.

When the state flag officially adopted in 1913, it was removed from the Delaware Code. When this fact discovered, the General Assembly of Delaware corrected the problem in June 1955 by amending the code to add section 506 to the “State Flag Designation” code.

The official state colors, Colonial Blue, and Owl are designated by the United States-New York Color Cards Association, Arno Blue Cable No. 10663 and Beige Gold No. 10781, respectively.

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The colors of the emblem and other elements of the country flag should be as follows: Husband, brown pants, red shirt, brown hat, and shutters. Rifleman, green suit, binding, leggings and suit, brown hat, powder, and gray flask; Shield, shaded yellow frame, orange top plate, blue center plate, white plate, reddish-brown cow, grass and green corn, wheat and twigs under yellow flower crown, heraldry blue and silver (twisted); For a dark body and white sails, carry under full sail. Date: December 7, 1787, white ropes and tassels in blue and gold. “

The North American Society of Virology ranked the Delaware flag at 52 in 52 polling flags. The poll was conducted in 2001 to rank the flags of the provinces of Canada and the states and territories of the United States.


The Delaware flag shows the state emblems prominently in the center. The emblem features a shield with a cow, an ear of corn and wheat, representing the state’s agriculture.

There is a sailing ship above the shield that represents the coastal trade and shipbuilding industry.

There is a farmer and a military in this plan. This military shows the importance of the army to maintain the freedom of the nation, while the farmer symbolizes the role of agriculture inside the country.

The water in this project shows the Delaware River, which is important for trade and transportation. The slogan “Freedom and Independence” is also included in the design.


The main colors are the blue flag and the bull tongue, which were the colors of General George Washington’s clothes. The state emblem comes in a variety of colors including red, brown, blue, gold, green, and white.

At the bottom of the flag is December 7, 1787, written in white. This marks the day when the hero adopted the constitution.

Delaware State (USA) Flag Color Codes

76a1a0 - Green Sheen color image previewName: Green Sheen
Hex: #76A1A0
RGB: (118, 161, 160)
CMYK: 0.267, 0, 0.006, 0.368
006fff - Brandeis Blue color image previewName: Brandeis Blue
Hex: #006FFF
RGB: (0, 111, 255)
CMYK: 1, 0.564, 0, 0
f0dc82 - Buff color image previewName: Buff
Hex: #F0DC82
RGB: (240, 220, 130)
CMYK: 0, 0.083, 0.458, 0.058
3f863f - May Green color image previewName: May Green
Hex: #3F863F
RGB: (63, 134, 63)
CMYK: 0.529, 0, 0.529, 0.474
ffb93c - Pastel Orange color image previewName: Pastel Orange
Hex: #FFB93C
RGB: (255, 185, 60)
CMYK: 0, 0.274, 0.764, 0
a8393a - Sweet Brown color image previewName: Sweet Brown
Hex: #A8393A
RGB: (168, 57, 58)
CMYK: 0, 0.660, 0.654, 0.341
Delaware State (USA) Flag Color Codes

Flag facts

  • A poll found that Delaware flag design ranks 52nd out of 72 state and provincial flags in the United States and Canada.
  • The official colors of the state, colonial blue and bull tongue are the background of the state flag.

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About Delaware state

Introduction Delaware located in the northeastern United States and is one of the coastal states of the Atlantic Ocean. It borders Maryland to the south and west, Pennsylvania to the north, and New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

Magnifier centred on the East Coast.

The state of Delaware has an area of approximately six thousand four hundred and fifty square kilometers and a population of about seven hundred and eighty-four people.

The state capital is Dover. Economically, the state has a relatively high GDP and a large number of production and administrative units are working in this state.


“Delaware was named in 1703 from the Bay of Delaware, where it is located, and took its name from Lord de la War (Thomas West, officially the English Earl), who perished as he descended from the ship. Went.

The first settlement in the Delaware area was made by a number of Swedes and Finns, who arrived from Sweden in 1638.

Upon arrival, the Minoans, with their colony, settled in Christina Creek, near Wilmington, where they built a castle. The land that stretched from Cape Henlopon to the Trenton Falls renamed New Sweden.

In the New Holland, however, the Dutch claimed the territory, and there were long-running rivalries between them and the Swedes.

On the other hand, Swedish Governor John Prinz, maintaining his position and defeating the Dutch, established himself at Tinicum, a few miles below Philadelphia, where he not only built a beautiful mansion for himself, but also a castle for Defending the colony. Another castle built in Louis Town.

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In 1651, the Dutch governor Stuizant built the Casimir Castle in what is now Newcastle, five miles from Christina. Printz protested; And his successor, the governor of Rising, went to the barracks as a friendly visit to the commander, and with the help of thirty men, captured the castle.

Outraged by such a treacherous act, the governor reported his anger to the local government, which immediately ordered him to surrender to the usurpers.

Accordingly, in 1655, he left New York with six hundred troops and briefly reduced the castles of Newcastle and Christina, and subsequently the rest of Sweden.

After this, part of the latter, the oath of allegiance to the Netherlands, remained on their property. Several relocated to Maryland and Virginia.

Delaware state with USA flag and state flag.EPS10. Contains transparent objects

From this time until 1664, this land was in the possession of the Dutch. But with the conquest of New Holland by the British, under the leadership of Sir Hubert Carr, who surrendered to him, an expedition was sent against it and united in New York. In 1682, the Duke of York sold the city of Newcastle and the surrounding twelve miles to William Penn, and later the land between Newcastle and Cape Henlopon.

These tracts, then known as “Territories”, form the current state of Delaware. Until 1703, they were governed as part of Pennsylvania. But, at that time, they had the owner the freedom to form a separate and distinct assembly.

However, the governor of Pennsylvania still has jurisdiction over them until the revolution


Delaware is 96 miles (154 km) long and varies from 9 miles (14 km) to 35 miles (56 km). The state has a total area of ​​1954 square miles (5060 square kilometers) and is the second smallest state in the United States after Rhode Island. However, it has a high population density and is the seventh most populous state in the United States.

The climate in this state is usually temperate. It is bordered by the states of Pennsylvania to the north, Maryland to the south and west, and New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

A small section of Delaware is located on the east side of the Delaware River, which forms the border with New Jersey. The state stretches along the east coast of Maryland and the east coast of Virginia, from the Dilmarova Peninsula to the Mid-Atlantic.

The state’s northern border is one of the most unconventional in the United States. The Delaware-Pennsylvania border is in a 12-mile (19.3 km) arc from the dome of Newcastle, Delaware.

This boundary is commonly known as the Twelve Mile Circle. Although this border is the only border in the United States that fully arched, the Mexican-Texas border in the south has several arches.

Cities also have arched borders, especially in the southern United States. (Like Plains, Georgia)

The state borders the lowest point on the New Jersey coast and then stretches twelve miles (19 kilometers) south. After that, the boundary defined based on the principles of the abyss continues in the main canal of Delavar River.

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To the east, the border extends in a twelve-mile circle, at the easternmost point of the state, to the south, adjacent to the state of Maryland. To the northeast, there is 1,068 square miles (684 acres, 2.77 square kilometers) of land that was disputed between Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland until 1921. By agreement in 1921, this section was added to the state of Delaware.

Geographically location of Delaware State

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