The East German flag was the official national flag of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) during its existence from 1949 to 1990. The design and symbol of the flag are from the flag of the Weimar Republic and communist symbolism. The flag was considered illegal in West Germany and […]

The Ivory Coast flag reflects the flags of many countries that have historically been affected. It combines these foreign influences with the nation’s own symbols to create an Ivory Coast flag that represents the modern, historic country it shares with the rest of the world. It is also very similar […]


The Kyrgyzstan flag was adopted following the fall of the Soviet Union and the beginning of the country’s independence in modern times. The flag reflects the traditional culture of Kyrgyzstan to ensure that it can fully represent the nation and its citizens. The Kyrgyz flag was adopted by the Kyrgyz […]

What is a Flag?  A flag is a quadrangle piece of cloth, plastic or another material with a flat surface with distinctive design usually used for identity, signal or decoration. Flag also can use as a sign of dominance or claiming ownership over something. A flag is like an expressive […]

The Thin Red Line Flag commemorates firefighters that place their lives second to those they protect. Like the thin red line in the military holding firm, the firefighters have to face their own fears and have the courage to perform the necessary tasks. The Thin Red Line Flag shows the […]

The most prominent symbol for piracy in popular culture is a Blackbeard flag decorated with the infamous skull and crossbones. This flag has been used within the mythos of pirates, both real and fictional, for over 300 years. With the expansive mythology surrounding piracy, and particularly Blackbeard, it is worthwhile […]

The national flag of El Salvador, like other Central American flags, consists of three horizontal stripes. The national emblem of El Salvador is included in the center of the flag. The colors of the flag reflect the features and landscape of Central America. History of the El Salvador Flag The […]

It uses a unique Guam flag in order to represent itself. Guam flags subtly show the region’s connection to the United States. Also including symbols of the island’s unique features, which makes the flag an excellent symbol of Guam’s politics and culture.  It was formally adopted on February 9, 1948. Since, Guam has maintained the same […]