Like many European countries, Romania can return its flag line to the feudal lords of this land. The colors in the Romanian flags dominate many of the weapons associated with the lords and kings of the lands that would later become part of Romania, allowing the flag to be traced […]


Over the centuries, Armenia had various flags that represented it, but today a tricolor with red, blue, and orange is the Armenian flag. Today The flag of Armenia consists of three colors: red at the top, blue in the middle, and orange at the bottom. In 1990, the Soviet Union […]


The Latvian national flag was raised during Latvia’s independence from 1918 until the Soviet Union conquered in 1940. The flag was suppressed during Soviet rule. On February 27, 1990, the Lativa flag re-adopted by the Latvian government after independence. Although formally adopted in 1923, but they used the Latvian flag […]

The Belarusian people changed the current national flag of Belarus on June 7, 1995, following a referendum. The new plan replaced a historic flag used by the Republic of Belarus in 1918, before Belarus became a Soviet republic, and relocated again after gaining independence in 1991. The current flag is […]


The flag of Italy has an ancient history that dates back to the 12th century. The Italian flag, often known in Italian as the “national tricolor flag”. Consists of three colors green, white, and red with equal characteristics that are vertical. The current form of the flag was formally adopted […]

The Greenland flag is a two white-red stripes flag with a disc in the middle of it. The disc on the flag of Greenland appears in two colors— red on the white stripes and white on the red stripes. The disc is slightly on the hoist side.  It was designed […]


The Norway flag is a symbol of national pride, identity, and independence for more than 100 years. The current flag consists of a red square and a dark blue north cross with a narrow white border. The cross is slightly off-center, close to the lift. The color of the Norway […]


The Spain flag consists of three rows of horizontal stripes in red, yellow, and red. The yellow stripe in the middle of the flag is twice the width of the red stripes at the top and bottom. History the flag of Spain The flag of any country is a symbol […]


Albanian flag is a red flag with a two-headed black silhouette eagle on it.  The first adoption of the Albanian flag goes back to the time when the Ottoman Empire was defeated in the country in 1912 and Albania gained independence.  After Albania’s independence from the Ottoman Empire, there have been […]

The Galician flag first appeared in the 19th century. We are not sure about the colors that they used in the flag. But probably the flag’s colors took from the ancient medieval flag of Galician Kingdom. Originally the Galicia flag, probably, has been a white plain banner with St Andrew’s […]