The Bosnia and Herzegovina flag has a varied and diverse blue vertical stripe on the flight side, which is accompanied by a yellow right triangle along the runway and above the flag. In addition, the Bosnian flag has a standard blue color with seven white stars, five full feathers and […]

The Bulgarian flag, adopted in 1991, consists of three horizontal stripes in white, green, and red. Originally, because it had the usual colors of the Pan-Slavic, it was very similar to the Russian flag, however, the blue bar was replaced with a green one in 1878, so that it better […]

The Barbados flag was officially adopted on November 30, 1966, the first day of the island’s independence, when it was first raised by Lieutenant Hartley II of the Barbados Regiment. There are two explanations for the symbol of the Barbados flag. Both explain that the broken trilogy is a symbol […]


The Belgium flag (Dutch: Vlag van België, French: Drapeau Belge, German: Flagge Belgians) is a tricolor consisting of three equal vertical bands representing the Belgian national colors: black, yellow, and red. The colors are from the national emblem of the Brabant shower and its vertical design may be based on […]


The Germany flag is a tricolor horizontal flag consisting of three colors black, red, and gold. This flag introduced in the revolution of 1848 and was the same when the two Germanys were separated, But East Germany has symbols of communism. History of the German flag The German flag consists […]


The national Austrian flag has a very simple design. But the symbolism behind this simple design is very powerful. In designing this flag, three horizontal stripes in red and white colors have been used. The colors are taken from the symbol of the Babenberg dynasty. The colors were chosen based […]

The Macedonian national flag was designed by Professor Miroslav Grofi, an architect and graphic designer. It was formally adopted on October 5, 1995. When Macedonia was part of Yugoslavia, its flag had a red square with a star in the canton. The star had red-yellow borders. For a short time, […]


The Serbian flag is a tricolor that includes three equal horizontal stripes, red on the upper surface and the middle waters (kingdom) and white on the side (empire). Using painting, evaluation, the observational century has been used as the flag of the state of Serbia and the nation of Serbia. […]


The Lithuanian flag consists of a yellow, green, and red. It was adopted on April 25, 1918. During the first period of Lithuania’s independence from 1918 to 1940. Which was first stopped by Russia’s occupation of the Soviet Union and Lithuania’s accession to the Soviet Union, and then by Germany […]