The Oregon Flag is a two-sided flag in crimson and gold with an optional gold border. In front of the escape from the seal of the government and behind a gold figure of a beaver, there is the animal of the government. Oregon is the only state in the United […]


The Maryland flag is the mysterious flag of the seventeenth century Cecil, Baron II of Baltimore. This includes Sketch (Heraldic shield) his father George, a Balton baron (1532-1632), with charges and grounds related to his badge with his grandmother, the heir to the Crossland family in the Kingdom of England. […]


The California flag is commonly known as the Bear Flag in honor of its emblem. The first flag wave was raised during a revolt against the Mexican government in California, making the California flag one of the few state flags to have originated as part of a rebel movement. It […]


The North Dakota state has several elements that are familiar to most Americans. One of the North Dakota flags is the hairless eagle or the national bird of the country, which has an olive branch in one fork and a handful of arrows in the other, which shows that peace […]


The Delaware flag consists of a cow-colored diamond on a colonial blue background in which the diamond is the national emblem of the state of Delaware. Beneath the Diamond, December 7, 1787, marks the day that Delaware is the first state to ratify the United States Constitution. The colors of […]


The Vermont flag consists of the Vermont emblem on a rectangular blue background. The Vermont General Assembly approved the current flag on June 1, 1923. Various versions of the flag have been included throughout history. Originally, the flag was the flag of the Green Mountain boys. It was then reshaped to […]

The West Virginia Flag is the official flag of West Virginia and was formally approved by the West Virginia Legislature on March 7, 1962. The current flag consists of a pure white background surrounded by a blue stripe with the West Virginia coat of arms in the center, which is […]


The Indiana flag, the 19th state to adopt the US Constitution, is blue, with 19 stars and a flame symbolizing freedom and intellectualism, and rays that symbolize the state’s remarkable influence. This Flag was designed by Paul Hadley and officially approved by the state of Indiana on May 11, 1917. […]