The Oregon Flag is a two-sided flag in crimson and gold with an optional gold border. In front of the escape from the seal of the government and behind a gold figure of a beaver, there is the animal of the government. Oregon is the only state in the United […]


The Wyoming State Flag includes references to the state itself and its distinctive wildlife to create a flag that encompasses every aspect of the state heritage. The Wyoming flag is one of the few that has not undergone any design changes since its enactment, although it is not exactly the […]

The Argentina flag is a tribune, consisting of three equally wide horizontal bands in light blue and white. There are different interpretations of the reasons for these colors. The flag was created by Manuel Belgrano to create the Argentine Cockade and was first raised on February 27, 1812, during the […]


The Cuban flag has its roots in several countries. Its design story is legendary, as are many national flags in the origin stories. It seems that love for the country creates flag makers to create a symbol with deep meaning for themselves and their compatriots. The Cuban flag made up […]


The Suriname flag was legally adopted on November 25, 1975, after the independence of Suriname. Before that, there were two different flags. The first flag represents Europeans, Africans, East Indians, Chinese, and Americans. However, Suriname did not agree to the design of the first flag because it lacked national unity […]


The Bahamas flag has three equal horizontal bands of aquamarine (top), gold, and aquamarine. With an equilateral triangle, the black is located on the side of the lift. The color of the golden band represents the golden beaches of the islands surrounded by the Aquamarine Sea. The blue stripes of […]


The Brazil flag is known in Portuguese as the Green-Gold (Auriverde) as the Yellow Green or Bandeira do Brasil. This flag is a symbol of the unity and aspirations of the Brazilian people. The flag was adopted on November 15, 1889, when the country gained independence from the Portuguese, who […]