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The Belize flag was first recognized on September 21, 1981. It is also the civilian flag and the provincial flag and also has a 2: 3 aspect ratio.

Some consider the Belize flag to be the first flag depicting a human figure. But some also believe that the Belize flag copied from the New York flag.
Blue color with a narrow red stripe along the top and bottom edges. In the center is a large white disk with a badge.

The emblem has a shield placed by two workers in front of a mahogany tree with the slogan SUB-UMBRA FLORIO (I Bloom in the Shadow) in a scroll at the bottom, all surrounded by a green garland of 50 mahogany leaves.

Flag of Belize

These colors belong to two main political parties: blue for the PUP and red for the UDP.

The various elements of the national emblem – figures, tools, mahogany, and hanging leaves – are reminiscent of the lumbering industry that led to the British settlement in Belize.


Belize began as a British colony, so its first flag followed the pattern of other colonial flags. The union showed Jack a blue field with the national emblem in Canton.

It was the official flag of Belize until the nation gained its independence from Britain in 1981, but since 1950 an unofficial national flag has been used by citizens.

The unofficial flag showed the country’s emblems on a white disk and on the blue ground without a union jack.

It was also the first plan the government to use when gaining independence, but the ruling party changed the plan to a modern one due to complaints from the opposition.

The informal design was blue and white, which were the colors that represented the ruling party.

The government responded to the complaints and added two red stripes to the flag to include the colors of both sides.
This compromise satisfied everyone and at the same time creating a modern flag.

Colors and symbols

The national emblem dominates the flag of Belize. This emblem represents a circle of fifty leaves around a mahogany tree and a shield supported by a logger and a boat. This shield features a sailing ship and a wood-breaking tool.

These symbols represent the history of the nation. It was the timber industry that first attracted British colonialists to Belize, so the symbols of the timber industry and the ships the company built were honored with the British flag.

The sign is to show in the blue square between the two red stripes, which represents the largest political parties in the country.

The flag of Belize consists of twelve colors, three more than the other national flag.

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It is also the only country to depict humans as the main design element on its national flag, although the Maltese flag includes an image of St. George on the George Cross and British flags attached to Montserrat and the Virgin Islands.

The flag is royal blue and in the middle is a white disk with the national emblem held by a white and black man surrounded by fifty mahogany leaves.

This flag bordered on the top and bottom by two red stripes that represent the red color on the guards in Britain.

The colors of the flag come from the United People’s Party (PUP) and the national parties of the country and the United Democratic Party (Belize) (UDP), respectively.

UDP, founded in 1973, opposed the blue and white original design, which represented the colors PUP. Two red bars at the top and bottom were added to the original design in Independence.

This badge was awarded in 1907. Red bars added to indicate the color of the opposition party. Blue is the most important party of the PUP.

Belize Flag Color Codes

ce1126 - Philippine Red color image previewName: Philippine RedHex: #CE1126RGB: (206, 17, 38)CMYK: 0, 0.917, 0.815, 0.192289400 - Slimy Green color image previewName: Slimy GreenHex: #289400RGB: (40, 148, 0)CMYK: 0.729, 0, 1, 0.419
003f87 - Midnight Blue color image previewName: Midnight BlueHex: #003F87RGB: (0, 63, 135)CMYK: 1, 0.533, 0, 0.470ffd83c - Banana Yellow color image previewName: Banana YellowHex: #FFD83CRGB: (255, 216, 60)CMYK: 0, 0.152, 0.764, 0
ffffff - White color image previewName: WhiteHex: #FFFFFFRGB: (255, 255, 255)CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 09dd7ff - Winter Wizard color image previewName: Winter WizardHex: #9DD7FFRGB: (157, 215, 255)CMYK: 0.384, 0.156, 0, 0
Belize Flag Color Codes

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About Belize

Belize is a country in Central America, its capital is Belmopan. The country has a population of 396,000 and its official language is English.

It became independent from Britain in 1981 and its currency is the Belize dollar. The people of this country are of mixed and mixed lineages of Indians, whites, and blacks; 36% of Belizeans are Mestizo (a mix of Indians and whites).

Map and flag of Belize. Source: “World reference atlas”

Belize is the least populous and smallest country in the Central American region. It bordered with Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west and south to the east of the country is the Caribbean Sea.


The name Belize comes from the Mayan language and means “muddy water” which refers to the river Belize.

Between 1500 BC and 300 AD, the Maya civilization expanded in what is now Belize, with excavations at archaeological sites such as Caracol, Lamanay, Luba Anton, Altons, and Shonantonich confirming this claim and the spread of the Maya civilization in Belize.

The first contact of the Europeans with this region dates back to 1502 and the landing of the Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus off the coast of Belize.

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From 1630, Britain expanded its influence in the region and sent ships carrying British immigrants and colonists to Belize. In 1938, one of these immigrant ships sank in the Caribbean.

During the 1650s and 1800s, and during those 150 years, Belize witnessed piracy and attacks by Indians and Spaniards and rains in nearby areas.
In the rivalry between the two colonial powers, Spain and Britain, over Belize, Britain won. During the Battle of St. George’s in 1798, the British navy defeated the Spanish.

In 1840, Britain considered the area its colony and named it British Honduras. British Honduras became a British royal colony in 1862.

British Honduras has renamed Belize in 1973.

Belize formally declared independence from Britain on September 21, 1981. But Guatemala, which had claimed Belize ownership since 1800, refused to recognize Belize independence.

In this regard, British forces remained in the country to defend Belize, and the dispute between Britain and Guatemala over Belize remained unresolved.

Guatemala finally recognized Belize sovereignty in 1991, although it still reiterates its claim to ownership of more than half of Belize.

Belizean culture

The population of Belize is estimated at more than 301,000. The average age in this country is 20 years.

Life expectancy for women is 70 years and for men, it is over 66 years. Percentage of people trying to switch to other official languages.

Half of the Belizeans speak Spanish. In Belizean culture, the price of the Belize dollar is based on the ability of the people to buy, which means that if inflation rises, the Belize dollar may fall.

It is very difficult and involves uncertain circumstances. The cultural situation in the country of Belize is slightly changed due to the economic situation of the people. People are looking for people.

They study the culture of life among the people of Belize, the culture of Belize can have the most accurate conditions. Life expectancy in this country must include a more precise culture.

People’s culture should be followed in a special way. Among women, some people try to have the best approach to examine the cultural situation due to more precise circumstances.

The culture of life is the best approach for those who like to get together. Some people have taken the culture of life seriously and the government has been very careful in this regard.

Geography of Belize

Most of Belize is covered by forests, as is evident in the southern part of the Maya Mountains, and the north is mostly swampy and less elevated.

Important rivers for this country are called Hindu, Belize, and New.
The climate for this country is subtropical and the south winds are milder.

The rainfall in this country is heavier and the cold season lasts from February to May.

The climate of Belize is tropical and includes warmer and wetter conditions. Belize has a flat climate. Swampy plains are in this country along the coast and low mountains in the south.

The highest point of Belize is Doyles Peak. The location of this peak is best evaluated. It is clear that template policies in this country are based on geographical policies.

Geographically location of Belize

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