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The Barcelona flag is the flag of the Municipality of Barcelona, ​​which combines the Cross of St. George, the patron saint of Catalonia, with the traditional red and yellow bars of the Senyera, the ancient symbol of the Aragon crown (there are bars here vertically, although the modern Catalan flag has horizontal stripes).

The flag has been official in its current form since 1777, although it may have been in use since the 19th century (or modifications).

It was first formally approved in May 1906 but was not allowed to be used during the reign of Francisco Franco. A slightly different version of the flag, with brighter colors and a different configuration of red bars, was reused in 1984.

In 1996, after several proposals, the Barcelona City Council adopted a new flag with the official emblem of the city (which bears the Cross of St. George) on the vertical stripes of the Catalans.

The flag had political support but was opposed by some historical and virological groups.

However, in 2004, the city council “restored” the 1906 flag law and restored the original design. Both traditional (1906) and modern (1996) designs can be seen in the city today, although the Catalan Association of Vexillology (Catalan: Associació Catalana de Vexil·lologia) continues to oppose the use of the latter.

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Terrassa in Barcelona, City Hall with its classic and centenary facade
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About Barcelona city, Spain

Barcelona is the capital and most populous city of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia and after Madrid the most populous city of Spain and the most important port of this country.

The population of the city of Barcelona is 1,620,343 in an area of ​​101.4 square kilometers and the urban area of ​​Barcelona excluding the suburbs in an area of ​​803 square kilometers is more than 4,840,000 people.

A total of 5,474,482 people live in the Barcelona metropolitan area. It is also the main part of neighboring municipalities and cities that make up the Barcelona metropolitan area with a population of 3,218,071.

Barcelona is the sixth most populous city in the European Union and the largest metropolis in Europe by the Mediterranean Sea.


The name Barcelona is derived from the Iberian Phoenicians, who called it Barkeno and can be understood from an ancient coin inscribed in Iberian script, Barkeno, which in ancient Greek texts was called Barquinon, and in Latin, they wrote Barcelona.

In the Middle Ages, the city was known in various forms such as Barcelona. Some inscriptions have also linked the name of this city to General Carthage, Barça’s benefactor.

There are two different stories about the date of construction of this city. One is that the city built 400 years before the construction of Rome by a myth called Hercules. The other is that the city was founded by Hamilcar Barça Cartagena’s father, who named the city Barrino.

Around 15 BC the Romans turned the city into a military camp centered on Mans Ax. It is interesting to note that many of Barcelona’s history and relics have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage.


The metropolis of Barcelona is home to more than 66% of Catalonia, one of the richest regions in Europe. It is the fourth richest region per capita in Spain, with a per capita GDP of € 28,400 .

The metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona has a gross domestic product of $ 177 billion. And is the fourth most economically GDP-rich city in the EU and 35th in the country.

According to Eurostat, the city of Barcelona in 2004 had a very high GDP of 80,894 euros.

In addition, Barcelona was the fourth most commercial city in Europe, growing by 17% annually since 2009.

Barcelona was the 24th most livable “city in the world” in 2015, according to Monocle Lifestyle magazine. Similarly, according to 2thinknow innovation analysts, Barcelona ranks 13th in the world in the Global Innovation Innovation Index.

At the same time, according to the World Wealth and Lifestyle Report 2020: It is one of the most affordable cities in the world for luxury living.

Barcelona has a long tradition of business. Less well known is that the city became industrialized early in the year. And began operating in 1833, when Catalonia’s complex textile industry began to use steam power. It became the first and most important industrial city in the Mediterranean. Since then, production has played a major role in its history.

Bursa de Barcelona (Barcelona Stock Exchange) is the main stock exchange in the northeastern part of the Iberian Peninsula.


Barcelona’s cultural roots go back 2,000 years. The Catalan language has been promoted, both by retrieving works from the past.

Barcelona designated a world-class city by the Globalization Group and the Global Cities. It has also been part of the UNESCO Network of Creative Cities as a City of Literature since 2015.


Barcelona is located on the northeastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, facing the Mediterranean Sea. The Llobregat River in the southwest, and the Beas River in the north.

The plain covers an area of ​​170 square kilometers (66 square miles), [61] of which 101 square kilometers (39.0 square miles) are occupied by the city itself. 120 km (75 miles) south of the Pyrenees and the Catalan border with France.

Tibidabo, 512 m (1,680 ft) high, offers spectacular views of the city [63] and topped by the 288.4 m (946.2 ft) Torre de Collserola is a telecommunication tower that can be seen from most of the city.

Barcelona is full of small hills, most of which are urban, and are named after neighborhoods built on them. Such as Carmel (267 meters or 876 feet), Puget (181 meters or 594 feet).

The Montjuïc Massif (173 m or 568 ft), southeast of the harbor. Overlooks Montjuïc Castle, a castle built in the 17th-18th centuries to control the city as a replacement for Ciutadella.

Today, the castle is a museum, and Montjuic houses several sports and cultural venues.

Geographically location of Barcelona

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