Jamaican Flag: After the dissolution of the West Indies Federation, a group formed in 1958 of British-ruled islands, Jamaica moved quickly to establish a national flag in anticipation of its independence day, August 6, 1962.    The legislative committee responsible agreed that the flag should have the colors black, yellow, and green.   These stood for the difficulties faced by the nation (black), its natural […]

It uses a unique Guam flag in order to represent itself. Guam flags subtly show the region’s connection to the United States. Also including symbols of the island’s unique features, which makes the flag an excellent symbol of Guam’s politics and culture.  It was formally adopted on February 9, 1948. Since, Guam has maintained the same […]

Mongolia Flag: Flags are important symbols of countries. They signify the identity, independence, and sovereignty of a nation.   In many cases, the design elements of a flag also represent the important values, history, and government of a nation History  In 1921 a communist government came to power and introduced the Red Banner, but the 1911 flag restored in […]

The Panama flag is the flag of the country named Panama. The flag of the Republic of Panama is a rectangle that is divided into four quarters. The colors used in the flag of Panama are red, white, and blue. There are two white rectangles, one blue rectangle (in the […]