The official title for the national flag of Japan is Nisshōki but among its people, another name, Hinomaru, is also common among its people. Both Nisshōki and Hinomaru have associated with the sun; the first means “the flag of the sun” and the second means “circle of the sun”. Initially, officials and merchants used the national flag […]

The South Korea flag was first recognized on March 6, 1883, by the Joseon Dynasty. It is known as the national flag, civilian emblem, and provincial emblem, and also has a 2: 3 aspect ratio. White is a traditional color in South Korean culture. It is used in the background […]


History of Ghana flag Before 1957 Ghana flag as the Gold coast crown colony, used “the blue ensign of the British colony of the gold coast” (1827-1957).  In 1957, when Ghana became a sovereign nation, Nkrumah as the president adopted the first Ghana flag on independence day: 6 March 1957. […]


The Chinese flag is one of the symbols that has been almost stable for a long time due to the size of this country and the existence of different ethnicities and races. The Chinese flag, like all other countries, has its own meanings and philosophy in its design and color. […]


The flag of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan the “Crescent and Star” flag was adopted in 1947. The national flag of Pakistan is a green rectangular flag with a white stripe on the hoist side. There is a white crescent and a five-point star in the middle of the green […]

The culture of using flags have come to America with Europeans. Native Americans whose distinguishing characteristics were based on art, dress, and symbols, started using flags as their tribal identity. According to NAVA (North American Vexillological Association), there were two defining factors in the proliferation of Native American flags in […]


Albanian flag is a red flag with a two-headed black silhouette eagle on it.  The first adoption of the Albanian flag goes back to the time when the Ottoman Empire was defeated in the country in 1912 and Albania gained independence.  After Albania’s independence from the Ottoman Empire, there have been […]

Jordan flag’s history  Officially, the flag of Jordan was adopted in April 1928. The history of the Jordan flag stretches back to the Arab revolt against the Turkish Ottoman Empire during World War I. In the revolt against the Ottoman Empire in 1914-18, Arab nationalists fought to create a single […]


Buganda was one of the few pre-colonial states in Africa that had its flag. It is now an integral element of the Uganda flag and also the coat of arm granted by Queen Elizabeth.  When Uganda became a colony of the British Empire, the British added a distinct symbol “Crested […]


A flag is the symbol of independence, national sovereignty, honor, and the identity of a country. Let’s take a look at the history of Bolivia and the Bolivian flag.   History of the Bolivian flag   Bolivian flag adopted on October 31, 1851, and approved by the decree on July 14, 1888. […]