The Palau flag was adopted on January 1, 1981, when the island group seceded from the United Nations. Like the flags of several other groups of Pacific islands, light blue is used to represent the ocean and the country’s position. While this puts Palau in common with the Federated States […]

The Houston Flag is the official flag of the city of Houston. The flag consists of a large white five-pointed star on a blue background with the city sealed inside the star. This flag was adopted in 1915. History In 1915, Mayor Ben Campbell decided that Houston should have its […]

The Orlando flag is a two-color horizontal flag in white and blue, deflected by a beautiful image of the Linton E. Allen Memorial Fountain in the center. The bottom blue bar occupies one-third of the vertical length. Around the fountain is a golden image of the sun in the shape […]

The Syrian flag has three horizontal stripes of red, white, and black, and in the middle of the white flag are two five-pointed green stars. The Syrian national flag was originally adopted on February 22, 1958. The latest version was updated on March 30, 1980. History The first Syrian flag […]


The London flag is based on the flag of England, with the red cross of George’s crucifix on a white background, with a red sword in the upper elevated canton (upper left fourth). The sword is believed to represent the sword that beheaded St. Paul, the patron saint of the […]


History the flag of Nigeria Flag of Nigeria since 1960  The current National flag is three stripes flag that each of the stripes—green, white, green—vertically stands next to each other. Nigerians’ endeavor for gaining independence, resulted in the National Planning Committee. They decided to announce a competition for the design […]


Flag of Zambia during its history  As it’s costumed for nations that experienced colonization Zambia too, has been represented by different flags during its history.   The National Flag of the Republic of Zambia was adopted on 24 October 1964, The independence day. Mrs. Gabriel Ellison designed the national flag of Zambia and […]


The national flag has three stripes—red, white, and red—rectangular flag. In 1824, the government of Peru officially adopted the national flag and described it. In the constitutional law, as “a vertical triband with red outer bands and a single white middle band”. The flag goes with different emblems for different […]

Nepal is the only country in the world that its national flag is non-quadrilateral. The national flag of Nepal functions both as government and civil flag. Its flag is consists of two pennons. In 1962 when Nepal adopted a new constitutional law, it adopted the current national flag. Two pennons […]