The West Virginia Flag is the official flag of West Virginia and was formally approved by the West Virginia Legislature on March 7, 1962. The current flag consists of a pure white background surrounded by a blue stripe with the West Virginia coat of arms in the center, which is […]


The Azerbaijan flag is a horizontal tricolor consisting of three equal-sized spaces of light blue, red and green, with a white crescent and an eight-pointed star in the center. The three colors replaced the previous design with the SSR of Azerbaijan. Light blue symbolizes the Turkish heritage of Azerbaijan, red […]

The South Sudan flag was adopted following the signing of a comprehensive peace agreement that ended Sudan’s civil war. A similar version of the flag was previously used as the flag of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement. The flag of South Sudan is older than the country itself, as it […]


The national tricolor Mali flag is equal to three vertical stripes. The left bar is green, the middle yellow and the right bar is red. Green symbolizes hope, nature, and fertility. Yellow indicates purity and indicates mineral richness. Red refers to bloodshed for power and independence. History The flag is […]

The Bulgarian flag, adopted in 1991, consists of three horizontal stripes in white, green, and red. Originally, because it had the usual colors of the Pan-Slavic, it was very similar to the Russian flag, however, the blue bar was replaced with a green one in 1878, so that it better […]


The Cango flag ( the national flag of the Republic of the Congo) consists of a yellow diagonal band divided diagonally from the lower corner of the elevator, with a green top triangle and a red triangle. This flag was adopted in 1959 instead of the three French colors until […]


The Angola flag was first used on November 11, 1975. The flag is divided horizontally with a red stripe at the top and a black line at the bottom. Although the flag took its color from the ruling party, over time, the meaning and significance of the color changed to […]


The Bhutan flag is one of the symbols of the country and is diagonally divided into yellow and orange fields. The yellow half is drawn from the bottom lift to the upper end of the fly and the orange half is drawn from the bottom of the fly to the […]