The United Arab Emirates flag was adopted on December 2, 1971. The flag consists of four colors red, white, black, and green. These colors are the colors of Pan-Arabism and are a symbol of Arab unity. The most important element of the UAE flag is the importance of the four […]

The Filipino flag is one of the oldest flags in the Pacific. It is inspired by the flag of the Katipunan. They were a group opposed to the Spanish government also ruled the islands during the colonial period. The design of the flag shows the strong influence of different ethnic […]

The national Chile flag is a flag consisting of two unequal red and white stripes with a blue square equal to the height of white, and a five-pointed star in the blue square. This flag was adopted on October 18, 1817. This flag is La Estrella Solitaria (Spanish) in Chile. […]

The national Qatar flag with the white series band, which has 9 points, is Maroon. It accepted the flag shortly before declaring independence from Britain in 1971. This flag may be confused with the Bahraini flag, but the Bahraini flag has 5 points and is red instead of Maroon. The […]

The flag of a Pacific state, Tonga flag is one of the oldest flags, dating back to 1863. Due to its excessive resemblance to the Red Cross flag, it changed slightly in 1863. The current flag is red and has a rectangle in the upper left corner. In the white […]

The Vietnamese flag carries the colors that are very popular in this part of the world – red and yellow. Red is the background and yellow fills a pentagonal star in the middle of the flag. The design of the flag is a symbol of the struggle against French domination. […]

The Germany flag is a tricolor horizontal flag consisting of three colors black, red, and gold. This flag introduced in the revolution of 1848 and was the same when the two Germanys were separated, But East Germany has symbols of communism. History of the German flag The German flag consists […]

The national Austrian flag has a very simple design. But the symbolism behind this simple design is very powerful. In designing this flag, three horizontal stripes in red and white colors have been used. The colors are taken from the symbol of the Babenberg dynasty. The colors were chosen based […]

The color of the Oman flag is symbolic, with fertility green. White represents peace, and this shade of red is common to many of the region’s flags. The national emblem, “Khanger “, displayed at the top left. The dagger and its sheath placed on two intersecting swords in the pavement. […]

The Iraq flag consists of three horizontal stripes in black, white, and red. After the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Saddam Hussein added the slogan “Allah Akbar” to the Iraqi flag. It was in Kufic script to gain the support of Islamic countries. It is also worth mentioning that these two […]