African-American flag

The American Flag tries to seek silent answers to the questionable maltreatment of the African-Americans in the United States.

It also sends a message about the misinterpretation as well as double standards and deception. That is prevalent in being black in America.

The flag delivers a sense of pride and confirms the presence of the African-American in the United States. That being black and American are one and the same thing.

The colors of the flags also carry significant meaning. The red signifies the blood, while back green represents the skin tone as well as the wealth left behind by the ancestors of the African-American when they were forced into slavery.

For many decades, the flag has become an identity to Harlem, linking it to modern arts and the diaspora.

This African-American Flag is recognized as a massive political statement for the African-American community.

In The African-American Flag and other works, Hammons regularly instills potent symbols with a new connotation.

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Instead of collaborating directly with Pan-African. The artists borrowing of its colors within the context of the original American flag is a timely reminder of the countless contributions made by black Americans all through the history of America.

Hammons blends the two items to create a brand new flag of the United States.

Unique black power that stands for those individuals that the traditional flag has for a long time, not represented.

There are several myths about the origins. And the meaning of the original American flag that is not grounded in fact.

Nevertheless, it universally viewed as an emblem of freedom and justice. America’s walk as well as a world power is tangled with Native American slaughter. Four centuries of slavery, Japanese confinement, Jim Crow, along with the latest backlash against immigrants and Muslims.

On the other hand, The African-American Flag is a motif for a people, a shared history, experience, and viewpoint.

Where is the flag now?

In 2014, The African-American Flag published at the grand opening of Jack Shainman’s upstate New York space in Kinderhook.

It is flying on the top of a pole in front of an old school building. That currently houses white-walled rooms. The African-American Flag anticipated an inaugural display of works by fellow performing art and sculptor Nick Cave.

The flag also flew atop a pole in Long Island City. Welcoming visitors to MoMAPS1’s Greater New York exhibition of 2015.

The African-American Flag featured in the broader world of art, drawing attention to the satire that threads the artist’s work.

After flying high for many years outside the Studio Museum in Harlem.

The Broad in Los Angeles acquired the Flag. This made it the first work by David Hammons to feature in the museum’s collection.

Another edition of the flag still flies outside the courtyard of the Studio Museum in Harlem.

It usually fly every Fourth of July in the majority of African-American communities. As well as schools serving as an education for the younger generation.

The flag is also a big part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Arts in Los Angeles. Through this emblem, Hammons raised racial awareness as well as the stereotypic questions in the United States.

Colors and Symbolism

The African American flag, which often known as the UNIA Flag or the Pan-African flag. It consists of three horizontal stripes of red, black, and green.

Historical reports that the flag’s designer intended for the red band to represent his sympathy for political minorities. While the black band represented the African people. And the green band stood for his sympathy for the people of Ireland.

UNIA, a political organization that support of people of African descent. Published alternative meanings when the flag was first shown to the public.

It said that the red band represented the blood that had to be shed for freedom. The green stood for the rich and verdant vegetation of Africa, and the black stood for the African people.

The organization assigns similar meanings to the colors in the modern-day.

Pictures of African-American Flag

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