The Oregon Flag is a two-sided flag in crimson and gold with an optional gold border. In front of the escape from the seal of the government and behind a gold figure of a beaver, there is the animal of the government. Oregon is the only state in the United […]


The Wyoming State Flag includes references to the state itself and its distinctive wildlife to create a flag that encompasses every aspect of the state heritage. The Wyoming flag is one of the few that has not undergone any design changes since its enactment, although it is not exactly the […]


The demigirl flag was created by Tumblr Transrant on or before July 4th. There is no confirmed color meaning. But it is generally assumed: that grays represent partial connection and gray areas, pink represents feminine or womanhood, and white represents agender or non-binary identities. The Demigirl Flag was designed by a […]


The Leather Pride flag is a symbol used by the leather subculture since the 1990s. Designed by Tony DeBlase, it quickly gained popularity in the gay leather community. It has since been associated with leather in general as well as with related groups such as the BDSM community. History This […]


The colors of the panromantic flag are blue, green, orange, and red. Blue represents the romantic charm of dual men, while a red represents the romantic charm of dual women. Orange indicates a romantic attraction to a gender that is between binary and extra-binary. Green indicates the romantic charm of […]