The United Arab Emirates flag was adopted on December 2, 1971. The flag consists of four colors red, white, black, and green. These colors are the colors of Pan-Arabism and are a symbol of Arab unity. The most important element of the UAE flag is the importance of the four […]


The Filipino flag is one of the oldest flags in the Pacific. It is inspired by the flag of the Katipunan. They were a group opposed to the Spanish government also ruled the islands during the colonial period. The design of the flag shows the strong influence of different ethnic […]


The national Chile flag is a flag consisting of two unequal red and white stripes with a blue square equal to the height of white, and a five-pointed star in the blue square. This flag was adopted on October 18, 1817. This flag is La Estrella Solitaria (Spanish) in Chile. […]

The national Qatar flag with the white series band, which has 9 points, is Maroon. It accepted the flag shortly before declaring independence from Britain in 1971. This flag may be confused with the Bahraini flag, but the Bahraini flag has 5 points and is red instead of Maroon. The […]