The Belize flag was first recognized on September 21, 1981. It is also the civilian flag and the provincial flag and also has a 2: 3 aspect ratio. Some consider the Belize flag to be the first flag depicting a human figure. But some also believe that the Belize flag […]

The Kuwait flag was first recognized in 1961. It is known as the civilian flag and the flag of the province and the national emblem and also has a ratio of 1: 2. This flag is composed of four colors red, white, green, and black. History of the Kuwaiti flag […]

The current Myanmar flag is one of the youngest flags in the world, but the historical flags of this country are one of the oldest flags recorded in Asia. It is common to find a historic Myanmar flag registered as the Burmese flag, but these two terms are largely interchangeable. […]


The current Yemen flag was adopted in 1990 after the unification of North and South Yemen and has tricolor red, white, and black. Before 1990, each episode had its own flag. The North Arab Republic used a flag similar to the current one but with a green five-pointed star in […]


The Chad flag consists of three vertical colors of blue, yellow, and red stripes. This flag is almost the same as the Romanian flag, but its blue stripe has a darker shade.This flag inspired by the French triangle because Chad was a French colony for many years. At the same […]


The flag of Madagascar was recognized on October 14, 1958. This flag consists of three colors white, red, and green. The colors white and red symbolize the reign of Marina. Green symbolizes the rural people who played an important role in Madagascar’s independence from France. History of the flag of […]


The Sierra Leone flag was adopted in 1961 when the country gained independence from Britain. The flag consists of three horizontal stripes – one green at the top, one white in the middle, and one blue at the bottom. The blue bar is reminiscent of the Atlantic Ocean, which washes […]


The Maldives flag was adopted by the country in a ratio of 2: 3 on July 25, 1965. The flag has a red background with a large green rectangle in the middle and a white crescent moon vertically facing the green section of the flag in the middle of this […]