The Morocco flag consists of a red part with a green pentagram or”Solomon’s seal”. in 1915, the symbol was added to the flag to distinguish it from the flags of other Arab nations. Green and red are the traditional colors of Islam and red have been on the Moroccan flag […]


The Kyrgyzstan flag was adopted following the fall of the Soviet Union and the beginning of the country’s independence in modern times. The flag reflects the traditional culture of Kyrgyzstan to ensure that it can fully represent the nation and its citizens. The Kyrgyz flag was adopted by the Kyrgyz […]


The Lebanon flag is made of three colors red and white and the symbol of green cedar, each of which is a symbol of something. The red color symbolizes the blood of the martyrs, the white color represents the purity of the people and the snow-capped mountains, and the green […]


The Burkina Faso flag is a symbol of the nation of Burkina Faso and its solidarity with other African countries. It is one of only two flags to represent the country since gaining independence from European influence in the second half of the 20th century. The current Burkina Faso flag […]


On March 21, 1990, the Namibia flag was recognized, with independence from South Africa.The flag has a red diagonal band with a white edge that radiates diagonally from the lower corner of the lift. blue with a golden sun with 12 triangular rays is the upper triangle and the lower […]


The Kenya flag is in three colors black, red and green with two white edges imposed by a red, white and black mass shield and two crossed spears. The flag is designed for the flag of the African National Union of Kenya and was officially adopted on December 12, 1963, […]


The current Zimbabwe flag was adopted on April 18, 1980. The flag, which has a 1: 2 ratio, is made of 7 horizontal stripes in pan-African colors of green, yellow, red, and black, plus a white triangle with a 5-pointed red star with a Zimbabwean bird on it. The official […]


The Uruguay flag is one of the oldest flags of South America. Uruguay, officially the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, was a Spanish colony until 1811. The Uruguayan flag was recognized on July 11, 1830. This flag is the national flag and national emblem and is one of the three national […]


The Nicaragua flag has a common history. Most flags are formally adopted immediately after design. But the Nicaraguan flag was used informally more than half a century before the government approved a law to make it official. The Nicaraguan flag was a series of long flags with the nation and […]