The flag of Guatemala consists of two colors. These Maya are blue and white. It also has two celestial blue bands representing its two oceans, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. White means peace and purity. The colors blue and white are based on the flag of the former […]


History the flag of Nigeria Flag of Nigeria since 1960  The current National flag is three stripes flag that each of the stripes—green, white, green—vertically stands next to each other. Nigerians’ endeavor for gaining independence, resulted in the National Planning Committee. They decided to announce a competition for the design […]


Flag of Zambia during its history  As it’s costumed for nations that experienced colonization Zambia too, has been represented by different flags during its history.   The National Flag of the Republic of Zambia was adopted on 24 October 1964, The independence day. Mrs. Gabriel Ellison designed the national flag of Zambia and […]


The national flag has three stripes—red, white, and red—rectangular flag. In 1824, the government of Peru officially adopted the national flag and described it. In the constitutional law, as “a vertical triband with red outer bands and a single white middle band”. The flag goes with different emblems for different […]

Nepal is the only country in the world that its national flag is non-quadrilateral. The national flag of Nepal functions both as government and civil flag. Its flag is consists of two pennons. In 1962 when Nepal adopted a new constitutional law, it adopted the current national flag. Two pennons […]


The official title for the national flag of Japan is Nisshōki but among its people, another name, Hinomaru, is also common among its people. Both Nisshōki and Hinomaru have associated with the sun; the first means “the flag of the sun” and the second means “circle of the sun”. Initially, officials and merchants used the national flag […]

The South Korea flag was first recognized on March 6, 1883, by the Joseon Dynasty. It is known as the national flag, civilian emblem, and provincial emblem, and also has a 2: 3 aspect ratio. White is a traditional color in South Korean culture. It is used in the background […]


History of Ghana flag Before 1957 Ghana flag as the Gold coast crown colony, used “the blue ensign of the British colony of the gold coast” (1827-1957).  In 1957, when Ghana became a sovereign nation, Nkrumah as the president adopted the first Ghana flag on independence day: 6 March 1957. […]


The Chinese flag is one of the symbols that has been almost stable for a long time due to the size of this country and the existence of different ethnicities and races. The Chinese flag, like all other countries, has its own meanings and philosophy in its design and color. […]